Speed Master Clay Foam Block

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There's a new kind of clay on the block!

The Speed Master Clay Foam Block is the next breed of paint decontamination tools. Combining the functionally of high-tech polymerized rubber with the comfort you normally find when using a plush wax applicator. The Speed Master Clay Foam Block uses its advanced polymerized rubber base to skim the surface and remove a variety of paint contamination. Not only does this help your wax, sealant, or coating bond better, it provides a truly smooth surface for the most gloss possible!

DECONTAMINATES! Remove bonded surface contamination and get your paint CLEAN!
Washing your ride will clean it, but not fully. Over time a mix of road grime and industrial fallout will start to bond to the paint. When this happens a standard car wash just isn't enough. The Speed Master Clay Foam Block breaks this bond and removes contamination such as tree sap, over-spray, stubborn road grime, dirt, industrial fallout, and more!

DURABLE! Lasts not twice, not three times, but 8 – 10 times longer than traditional clay bars!
When it comes to standard clay, you've got a limited amount of uses. The more it picks up, the closer it gets to the end of its life. Using it past that can actually harm your paint. Thanks to the advanced polymerized rubber of the Speed Master Clay Foam Block you can use it much longer! Dropped it on the ground? No problem! It's still good to use. Just rinse it off and get back to work!

COMFORTABLE! Cleaning your car is enjoyable, and decontamination should be too!
Claying shouldn't feel like a chore. You won't need to struggle with towels or mitts with the Speed Master Clay Foam Block. The plush foam core of the Speed Master Clay Foam Block is similar to an extra plush foam wax applicator. Providing comfort during use along with superior performance.

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