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Pinnacle's Ultra Poly Clay is the single finest clay composition available today. Ultra Poly Clay is substantially finer than our original Poly Clay, while maintaining all of its advantages. With this ultra fine clay, you can maintain a totally clean, sleek finish everyday. We're calling it “enthusiast grade" for perfectionists who want that just-clayed finish all the time! Ultra Poly Clay is a patented clay formula made exclusively for Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. Its texture and elasticity are unlike any other clay you've ever used because the Pinnacle team designed it that way. More than a year of research went into making a fine grade clay specifically for those who meticulously maintain their vehicles. There are very few clay manufacturers in the world and many of them produce the same type of clay, just in different colors. While these clays do serve a purpose, none come close to Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay. Ultra Poly Clay stands apart from the rest because it is safe enough to use monthly or as needed for spot cleaning. Regular use of the clay will keep paint contamination from making a lasting impression on your finish.
This unique clay is just as effective on paint contamination as our original Poly Clay and has all its paint-saving advantages.
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Soft, nonabrasive texture
  • Safe on any type of paint finish, glass, fiberglass, and metal
  • Long life span
  • Leaves little or no residue
Why use detailing clay?
Paint contaminants surround your vehicle. Contamination can include visible things, like tar and tree sap, or it can be less visible pollutants, like industrial fallout and rail dust. As you drive, these particles hit the vehicle with such impact, they pierce the clear coat and remain there. Your vehicle becomes a magnet for airborne pollution. No amount of washing will remove it. Over time, the contaminants oxidize and leave tiny, orange rust spots in your paint finish. Your paint finish accumulates all these contaminants:
  • Bug remains
  • Bird droppings
  • Rail and brake dust
  • Road salt
  • Overspray
  • Mineral deposits (from hard water)
  • Industrial fallout
  • Acid rain deposits
  • Tar, grease, and oil from the roadway

Detailing clay was developed in Japan in the early 1990's as a safe and effective way of removing industrial fallout from the then-new clear coat finishes. To date, detailing clay is the only proven way to remove embedded contamination without polishing or compounding.
From the infancy of clay, the only grade available to consumers has been a medium grade, designed to remove contamination twice a year. This grade removes everything from the paint, including wax.
Since vehicles are bombarded by pollution every day of the year, consumers wanted a finer grade of clay to clean the paint as often as necessary with no adverse effects on the paint. The industry has been working toward this goal ever since.
Why use Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay? It's taken years of research and development to reach the Pinnacle of clay technology. Finally, clay research has culminated in Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay, an ultra fine grade of elastic detailing clay.
Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay is designed for frequent use. Whereas our original clay is recommended to use once or twice a year, this ultra fine grade of elastic detailing clay can be used as often as necessary to maintain a slick, reflective finish. Use it once a month or as needed to spot-clean – Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay is gentle on all types of paint!
Although Ultra Poly Clay is a very fine grade of clay, it is effective at removing contamination build-up (6 -12 months without claying). Ultra Poly Clay retains all the characteristics of our original Poly Clay. The difference lies in the Ultra Poly Clay's softer, finer consistency that is gentler on the vehicle. Plus, Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay has superior elasticity as compared to heavier grades of clay. The clay can be reshaped and stretched repeatedly without losing its flexibility. Properly stored in its plastic case, Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay will retain its elastic nature and workability. Use Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay as often as necessary to maintain a silky, slick finish on your vehicle. For the best results:
  1. Wash and dry your vehicle.
  2. Mist a 2 x 2 square foot area generously with Pinnacle Clay Lubricant. Hold the clay bar against the surface and move it back and forth. You can also use the clay with the Pinnacle Polishin' Pal and Polishin' Pal Clay Disc.(pictured below)
  3. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay will grab the surface initially. This grabbing indicates that the clay is encountering contamination. Continue rubbing gently until the clay glides freely.
  4. Wipe each completely section with a Cobra microfiber towel.
  5. Before moving to the next section, inspect the clay. If it appears soiled, fold the clay and use a clean portion to clean the next section. If you drop the clay or it becomes completely soiled, discard the clay bar and continue with a fresh bar.
  6. * Note: When using this or any clay, avoid applying pressure. Applying pressure to anything you're rubbing on the paint (clay included) will make it abrasive. You want to avoid rubbing the clay against the paint. It should glide across the lubricant. Use only enough pressure to maintain contact between the clay bar and the paint surface. The clay will do the rest. As always, keep the surface well-lubricated. Pinnacle Clay Lubricant creates a slippery layer of lubrication – as much as a spray wax - to protect your vehicle during the clay process. The professional quality lubricant contains no solvents to strip wax and actually preserves the clay by keeping it moist. If the clay leaves any residue on the vehicle, use Pinnacle Clay Lubricant and a soft microfiber towel to clean the area. Finally, you can clay as often as you want to maintain a clean, slick shine on your vehicle. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay is the clay for enthusiasts and perfectionists who want the satisfaction of a freshly clayed vehicle and the confidence that comes with using Pinnacle. 1 Qty - 4 oz. Bar
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