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Paint Sealants

Paint Sealants Paint sealants are science at its best! Paint sealants are entirely synthetic. Because they are not natural, they last longer than a car wax made of carnauba or some other naturally derived wax. Paint sealants, or synthetic waxes, are engineered to replicate the look of a carnauba wax in many cases, but you can apply them less frequently and enjoy durable paint protection. Some of today's paint sealants are even anti-static. Paint sealants are outstanding for people who want to maintain a good-looking, well-protected vehicle with less time spent detailing. But even detailing fanatics can appreciate the gloss of a quality paint sealant or synthetic wax. You'll find them here.
BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax <strong><font color="red">ON SALE</font></strong>
#1 for black car wax.
Regular price: $150.00
Sale price: $95.00
(6 Reviews)
Ultima Paint Guard Plus
Our most popular protectant! Ease of use, serious protection and a great shine!
Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $17.99
(26 Reviews)
Sonus SFX-4 Paint Sealant, 8 oz. with Polycharger
NEW! Easy to use, long lasting!
(1 Review)
Klasse Car Wax
Protect paint with the very popular Klasse AIO and Klasse SG! Click to learn more...
Mothers Reflections Advanced Car Wax
Regular price: $17.99
Sale price: $12.99
(1 Review)
Mothers Reflections Advanced Top Coat
Regular price: $17.99
Sale price: $13.50
(2 Reviews)
Mothers California Gold Synthetic Wax
Regular price: $8.99
Sale price: $7.25
(3 Reviews)
Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0
Regular price: $24.99
Sale price: $17.99
(2 Reviews)
Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant 2.0 M21
Serious Protection and a Deep, Wet Looking Shine!
(4 Reviews)
Meguiars Mirror Glaze #20 Polymer Sealant 64 oz.
Regular price: $49.99
Sale price: $38.99
(1 Review)