SONAX Spray Plus Seal

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The fastest way to seal your car's beauty!

Sonax Spray + Seal is the most efficient way to seal and protect the hard work you've put into making your car beautiful. No extra elbow grease is required when using Sonax Spray + Seal! You can simply spray, rinse, dry, and then take comfort in knowing your car is well protected. The hydrophobic quality of Sonax Spray + Seal not only produces an attractive beading effect but it also protects any and all parts of your car's exterior from damage caused by sitting water.

Whether you are a professional detailer or an amateur enthusiast, your time is important. Instead of spending hours meticulously applying an even layer of sealant or wax, SONAX Spray + Seal offers a quick and easy solution. You can spray this innovative formula on to a freshly washed car, rinse off, and dry. It's as simple as that! All the time you saved can now be better spent on showing off that sleek finish.

Your car's exterior is always in danger from environmental hazards. I know what you're thinking: you're sacrificing quality for speed. Nope! Sonax Spray +Seal does not compromise on excellence. Utilizing a unique Hybrid Polymer Technology, Sonax Spray + Seal will guard your car for up to three months from UV rays and abrasive contaminates.

With its millions of microscopic synthetic particles, Sonax Spray + Seal creates a hydrophobic barrier between your luxurious finish and the harsh effects of mineral deposits caused by rain. The polymers used in Sonax Spray + Seal create high surface tension that effectively repels the water and other grime from settling on your car. Trade your unsightly water spots for stunning beading to show off how hard Spray + Seal is working for you.

How to Use:

  1. Use your favorite Sonax Car Wash Shampoo and fire hose nozzle to thoroughly wash and rinse your car.
  2. Shake Sonax Spray + Seal bottle well.
  3. Evenly mist onto your wet vehicle. About 4-6 sprays per 4 foot section.
  4. Rinse immediately with clean water and dry the vehicle with ‘The Guzzler' Microfiber Towel.

Detailer's Note:

  1. Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.
  2. Do not allow product to dry during application.

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