Diamondite Glass Seal and Maintain Kit

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Maintain perfect glass clarity!

The Diamondite Glass Seal & Maintain Kit provides you products you need to clean and maintain streak free, hydrophobic glass. Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent removes dirt and road film while leaving a layer of protection behind. This gives Diamondite Glass Sealant an anchor point on your glass and provide the stellar hydrophobics you want! The extra benefit to the built-in repellent additive in Diamonidte Glass Cleaner & Repellant is maintenance. Each time you clean your glass you'll add another light layer of hydrophobics. This will keep your Diamondite Glass Sealant performing at its maximum abilities and give you the longest lifespan possible out of the product

Diamondite Glass Seal & Maintain Kit Includes:

Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent
Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent is a two-in-one formula designed to remove common glass contamination while also providing a hydrophobic layer of protection that stops further contamination from sticking. Long story short? It cleans and then repels (hence the name!). This easy-to-use, spray-on wipe-away application ensures you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying that crystal-clear shine!

Diamondite Glass Sealant
Diamondite Glass Sealant provides an easy solution to sealing your glass. If you're concerned with the more complicated application of a ceramic coating, then Diamondite Glass Sealant is the perfect alternative! Diamondite provides a simple spray on, wipe off application that provides months of protection! This simple application provides up to 6 months of hydrophobic glass protection! This ultra-slick surface sheets off water as well as defends against the constant onslaught of road grime. Unlike competing products, Diamondite Glass Sealant will not cause your windshield wipers to skip or chatter when you need to use them. However, with the extreme hydrophobicity you may not even need to use them! Diamondite Glass Sealant is ultra-concentrated and can provide these amazing benefits to up to 30 vehicles!

Diamondite Carbon Fiber Glass Towel
The Diamondite Carbon Fiber Glass Towel is unique tight-weave towel designed for powerful glass cleaning action. The blend of fibers combined with its stitching pattern allow the Diamondite Carbon Fiber Glass Towel to removed stubborn road grime, smokers film, bug guts, or anything else the open road throws at you. The tight-weave pattern of the Diamondite Carbon Fiber Glass Towel does much more than just improve cleaning power, it also reduces the risk of streaking! Looking deeper into the fiber weave you'll see small, tightly looped fibers. These small, extremely tight loops allow for the Diamondite Carbon Fiber Glass Towel to skim the surface like a blade, only allowing a small amount of area to remove contamination. This blade-like wiping style reduces the amount of space for left over any product or contamination to fall from its grip.

Speed Master Premium Blue Pearl Towel
The Speed Master Blue Pearl towel is the versatile towel that is missing from your detailing arsenal. Designed using a unique pearl-weave pattern, the Speed Master Blue Pearl is a purpose driven towel that can be used on almost every occasion. From interior work to the final buff of a wax or sealant, the Speed Master Blue Pearl performs perfectly.

This Kit Includes:

  • Diamondite Glass Cleaner & Repellent - 16 oz.
  • Diamondite Glass Sealant - 8 oz.
  • 3 Qty. Diamondite Carbon Fiber Glass Towel
  • 3 Qty. Speed Master Premium Blue Pearl Towel
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