Diamondite Glass Sealant Complete Kit

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Glass care - perfected!

Are you seeking the answer to crystal clear glass? Do you want a windshield the sheds water the moment it makes contact? Do you want all these benefits without a painful application? If so, the Diamondite Glass Sealant Complete Kit is the solution you've been looking for. The Diamondite Glass Sealant Complete Kit is a simple two step system that removes impacted dirt and road grime from your glass, then layers it with a coat of ultra-hydrophobic protection. Dimondite Glass Polish is engineered to be safe for glass while being strong enough to remove what glass cleaners can't. And to keep your glass looking it's best, follow up with a coat of Diamondite Glass Sealant. Diamondite Glass Sealant provides incredible hydrophobics along with resistance to contamination.

The Diamondite Glass Sealant Complete Kit Includes:

Diamondite Glass Polish
Diamondite Glass Polish is what you pull out when your glass is seriously contaminated and needs some extra attention. Formulated with high-quality abrasives that gently remove surface contamination such as road film, hard water spots, insect remails, tar, and other common environmental contaminants, Diamondite Glass Polish will also prepare the surface for glass coating by removing anything that would prevent proper coating bonding. If you think of Diamondite's glass cleaning scale of 1 – 10, Diamondite Glass Polish would be the most correcting at 10.

Diamondite Glass Sealant
Diamondite Glass Sealant provides an easy solution to sealing your glass. If you're concerned with the more complicated application of a ceramic coating, then Diamondite Glass Sealant is the perfect alternative! Diamondite provides a simple spray on, wipe off application that provides months of protection! This simple application provides up to 6 months of hydrophobic glass protection! This ultra-slick surface sheets off water as well as defends against the constant onslaught of road grime. Unlike competing products, Diamondite Glass Sealant will not cause your windshield wipers to skip or chatter when you need to use them. However, with the extreme hydrophobicity you may not even need to use them! Diamondite Glass Sealant is ultra-concentrated and can provide these amazing benefits to up to 30 vehicles!

Orange Light Cutting CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicator
The orange foam is the most popular type of foam used in making buffing pads. It has a texture like memory foam but denser. It can be used to remove light to moderate swirls with little or no loss of surface gloss. Use a light swirl remover, such as XMT Ultra Fine Swirl Remover 1 or XMT Fine Swirl Remover 2. In most cases, you can go straight to wax application with the red applicator. Use the orange pad for spot correction or on the entire vehicle.

Speed Master Premium Blue Pearl Towel
The Speed Master Blue Pearl towel is the versatile towel that is missing from your detailing arsenal. Designed using a unique pearl-weave pattern, the Speed Master Blue Pearl is a purpose driven towel that can be used on almost every occasion. From interior work to the final buff of a wax or sealant, the Speed Master Blue Pearl performs perfectly.

This Kit Includes:

  • Diamondite Glass Polish - 16 oz.
  • Diamondite Glass Sealant - 8 oz.
  • Orange Light Cutting CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicator
  • 3 Qty. Speed Master Premium Blue Pearl Towel
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