GYEON Q2M Cure - 400 ml

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The primary job of Q2M Cure is maximum prolonging of the base quartz coating's durability, e.g. Q2 Prime or Q2 Mohs. Through regular maintenance you may gain an extension of the excellent hydrophobic effect of up to 90% of the durability of the base coating. EFFECTIVE
Efficiency is the one of the key features of all Gyeon products, and Q2M Cure seems most illustrative of that. One or two sprays should be sufficient to cover an entire panel as big as a door with a protective coating. Low consumption translates into great value for the quality of our quartz-based detailer. PREVENTS WATERSPOTS AND STAINS
For the first couple of weeks following application, quartz coatings exhibit a insignificant tendency to develop hard water stain deposits. The use of Q2M Cure immediately after the base coating application will help eliminate that risk entirely. The product is also amazing as a Quick Detailer, removing all potential streaks and residual water. It gives the paint a vivid shine, restoring the "just after coating" appearance. 2 COATING MODES (WET AND DRY PAINT)
In order to make it work faster and more effectively, the application of Q2M Cure both on a dry and wet car (after finishing the washing) is possible. Laying it out over a wet surface facilitates drying with a waffle towel - the paint immediately becomes slippery and displays anti-static features. POSSIBLE USE AS A SPRAY SEALANT FOR UNCOATED PAINTS
Q2M Cure is also a brilliant solution for those users who wish to achieve effects without having to invest lots of time and effort. It will work as a spray sealant even on vehicles with no coating. As opposed to other products available on the market, it accommodates within its chemical constitution a significant share of SiO2, hence it can guarantee top-notch water repellency and a superb visual effect from the first use.
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