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The Klasse car wax shine and protection is legendary.  Sonus Acrylic Glanz makes it better... In just 5 minutes!

For more than 25 years, extreme car enthusiasts have used Klasse All-In-One to clean, finely polish and seal their paint.  But, that's just the beginning.  Show car winners know the real secret is Klasse Sealant Glaze, which layers to create a deep, wet-looking finish with tremendous gloss and radiance.  The paint care experts at Sonus have engineered a new solution that takes the Klasse shine to a new level of perfection.

WARNING! Use of Sonus Acrylic Glanz may attract excessive attention to your car!

Sonus Acrylic Glanz takes the Klasse system to the next level.  It complements the Klasse system by taking over where Klasse Sealant Glaze leaves off.  Using the same secret acrylic polymers, Sonus Acrylic Glanz spray sealant makes paint pop with color and brilliance while it adds additional protection.  Simply spray, wipe and buff to create an awesome final finish!

Sonus Acrylic Glanz is a unique solution that dramatically enhances the gloss, slickness and protection of the Klasse system, creating the "pop" that every car enthusiast craves.  Taking your car out on the town and want to impress?  No problem, use Sonus Acrylic Glanz.  Cleaning the car up after a bout of bad weather?  Sonus Acrylic Glanz is the right solution to fully restore the Klasse shine and protection in less than 10 minutes.

Sonus Acrylic Glanz is not a replacement for Sonus Acrylic Spritz or other detailing sprays.  Sonus Acrylic Glanz uses the purest form of acrylic polymer sealant suspended in a spray emulsion to bring you the highest level of shine, exceptional paint finish clarity, a super-slick feel, and complete paint protection in an easy-to-use spray.  Sonus Acrylic Glanz isn't made for everyday use.  It is specially formulated for extreme car enthusiasts who want their car to stand out on special occasions or to restore full protection to Klasse Sealant Glaze in 10 minutes or less.

Are you ready to take your car's paint to the next level of detailing perfection?  Order a bottle of Sonus Acrylic Glanz and get ready to be impressed.

Sonus Acrylic Glanz Spray Sealant:

  • Is easy to wipe on and wipe off;
  • Leaves a high gloss, crystal-clear finish;
  • Repels dust, dirt, and bug stains with a super-slick acrylic polymer finish;
  • Seals and improves finish quality for weeks; and
  • Protects your paint finish from the damage of ultra violet sun rays.


Does Acrylic Glanz replace Sonus Acrylic Spritz?
No. Acrylic Spritz is a detailing spray designed to remove light dust, water spots and finger prints between washings.  For most detailers, both Acrylic Spritz and Acrylic Glanz play important roles in paint finish maintenance.

Can I apply Acrylic Glanz after using Acrylic Spritz?
You bet!.  If your vehicle has light dust or a few bug stains, use Acrylic Spritz to quick detail your finish, than apply Acrylic Glanz to add gloss and slickness.

When would I use Acrylic Spritz verses Acrylic Glanz?
Acrylic Spritz is specifically designed to safely remove light dust and dirt for quick details between washes.  Acrylic Glanz will also safely remove light dust, but it is specifically designed to add extra protection and make your paint "pop" for special occasions.

Can I use Sonus Acrylic Glanz daily?
Yes.  It is not possible to over-use the product, but for most people it is not necessary or cost effective to use Acrylic Glanz daily.  Most users apply Acrylic Glanz after washing and for special occasions. It's really up to you how often you use it.

Can I use Acrylic Glanz between coats of Klasse Sealant Glaze?
Absolutely!  Sonus Acrylic Glanz will keep your paint finish in pristine condition and allow additional layers of Klasse Sealant Glaze to be applied with ease.  You can also use a fine mist of  Sonus Acrylic Glanz on your buffing towel to make Klasse Sealant Glaze easier to buff out.  Unlike Klasse Sealant Glaze, there's no need to wait 24 hours to apply multiple layers of Sonus Acrylic Glanz.

How do I use Acrylic Glanz?
Sonus Acrylic Glanz is a simple spray-and-wipe application.  Follow these simple steps:

  1. For best results, use Sonus Acrylic Glanz very sparingly.  A 16-ounce bottle of Sonus Acrylic Glanz should detail your vehicle 15 to 25 times.
  2. Before starting, your vehicle must be relatively clean.  Sonus Acrylic Glanz does not replace car washing or your quick detail spray.  If your vehicle is dirty, wash it before using Sonus Acrylic Glanz spray sealant.  For best results, the vehicle surface must be cool and dry.
  3. Use only high quality microfiber buffing towels with Sonus Acrylic Glanz.  We recommend the Sonus Der Wunder Buffing Towel and the Concours Buffing Towel.
  4. Spray a fine mist of Sonus Acrylic Glanz one one area at a time and wipe immediately to distribute completely.   Flip your towel to a dry side and buff to a slick finish.  Turn your towel frequently.  Do not allow Sonus Acrylic Glanz to dry on your finish without buffing.  If it does, simply spray and wipe down the affected area again.

16 ounce spray bottle.

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