Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

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Advanced SiO2 formulation provides months of protection

Creates a high surface tension for impressive water beading and sheeting

Yields a deep, glass like gloss

Simple application for incredible results

Meet the future of paint sealant

Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant covers your paint with an advanced hybrid of chemistry to yield months of protection from a single application. Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant harnesses the power of SiO2, or silicon dioxide, the active ingredient in many of todayís modern paint coatings. By combining elements of classic polymer-based paint sealants and fortifying elements such as SiO2, Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant creates a dynamic paint sealant that will impress even the most discerning detailer.

ADVANCED CHEMISTRY! Unique formulation creates a durable, long lasting shine
Employing modern technology, Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant uses SiO2 to enhance the longevity and durability of the ever-popular Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. The new, unique formulation of Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant anchors to the surface for the long haul!

DEEP GLOSS! Mile deep gloss, glass like appearance, Insane water activity
SiO2 doesnít only improve the durability and protection level, it creates a gloss that you can get lost in. The blend of SiO2 leaves a deep, glassy effect with an incredibly high surface tension. The increased surface tension ensures that water nor contaminant can stay on your paint!

This advanced protection doesnít sacrifice your time in the application! Once your car is cleaned, a quick wipe down with Wolfgang Perfekt Prep Spray is the only extra step needed! From there its as simple as apply and buff clean. Thatís all, we promise!


  • Shake well!
  • Apply to a cool surface out of direct sunlight.
  • Use Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep to remove any remaining oils that would prevent the paint sealant from properly adhering to the surface.
  • Apply Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad and apply to surface, working one panel at a time.
  • Allow a cure time of approximately 15-20 minutes before buffing away with a microfiber towel.
  • Do not expose surface to moisture for approximately 12 hours after application.

16 oz.

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By Robert
Better review
January 24, 2021
Not sure what Joe from Pittsburgh is talking about, maybe he picked up the wrong bottle from his shelf.

This is the easiest sealant to apply, easiest to remove. Apply with what the directions state, use a foam applicator. Directions are there for a purpose. But using a MF applicator I canít imagine itís difficult. Remove after 30 mins or 10 hours and it comes off with a quick glide of the towel.

Gloss is amazing. Water behavior is as good or better as any traditional sealant. Maybe a notch below a coating. Longevity of 4-6 months. Tons of applications per bottle. Probably $1-2 per application... not exactly expensive.
  • Everything about it is high performing.
  • None, unless you?re Joe.
By Joe
Jury is out
November 1, 2020
This product is tricky to apply. It has a short "open" time and quickly becomes sticky when being applied. I first used a microfiber applicator pad (the kind with a sponge inside). This was a mistake. It absorbed too much product and when that happened, application of a sticky product resulted. Then I switched to a foam applicator which was much better. Better because it didn't absorb as much product as the microfiber pad so it took longer to load up. When application became sticky, I squeezed out the excess product and continued. As many have said, a thin coat must be applied. It took effort to achieve this. There is a learning curve. This product is expensive. I wonder if there is a product that is easier to apply and is more economical? Removal is easy so long as you don't let it dry too long on the finish. I failed to do this once and had to take it off with P21S paint cleaner then reapply. The learning curve again. The 2nd and 3rd coats went on much easier than the first. The result is a water beading finish and deep gloss. Only time will tell how long it lasts. Not sure if I will continue using or try something else.
  • Easy to remove. Hydrophobic finish.
  • See review. Demands careful application.