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DP Wheel Coating

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Detailer's Wheel Coating encases your wheels in a tough, glass-like shell that resists brake dust, makes cleaning easier, and keeps your wheels protected against harsh acids and caustic detergents. Detailer's Wheel Coating is formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures created by today's most aggressive sport braking systems. This exceptional coating does more than offer great protection, it creates a slick, high-gloss finish to give wheels a rich, clean shine that lasts.

Detailing your wheels can be a pain - literally. As if crouching down isn’t bad enough, you then have to spray an aggressive cleaner on them and scrub the brake dust and grime from every square inch. Somewhere, the wheel's designer is laughing because it seems that the wheel was specifically styled to make this mind-numbing task even more difficult. If you have a sport braking system, this too-often repeated task is more like a weekly ritual. Not only does Detailer's Wheel Coating make wheel cleaning easier, it keeps wheels looking their best for longer. It is the total solution to wheel care!

Detailer's Wheel Coating is formulated using the same nano-glass ceramic particle technology created in the development of Detailer's Paint Coating. This extremely durable coating fills in the microscopic pits and interstices of the wheel's surface, creating a mirror-smooth finish that reflects light with maximum intensity. Additionally, the smooth surface prevents brake dust, road grime, and tar from adhering to the finish. A quick blast of pressured water is enough to clean most brake dust. If not, soap and water will!

Detailer's Wheel Coating cures quickly to create a hard shell specifically formulated for the conditions faced by your wheels. It is works perfectly on any wheel finish including factory painted, powder coated (gloss or matte), polished aluminum, chromed or anodized. Not only does Detailer's Wheel Coating create the richest shine possible on any wheel finish, but it prevents brake-dust build up so you can you spend less time cleaning them and more time enjoying them.

  • Only apply to wheels that are cool to the touch.
  • Thoroughly clean wheels before application using Detailer's Wheel Cleaner so that no wax, sealant, or grease remains.
  • Spray Detailer's Wheel Coating directly onto a foam applicator and apply evenly over the wheel's surface.
  • Work into the surface until product disappears.
  • Lightly buff over the surface to remove any high spots.
4 oz.