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DP Paint Coating

DP Paint Coating
Item #:DP-200
Regular Price:$49.99
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Product Description

Give your paint a glass-like shine that lasts!

Highly engineered coating for all paint systems

Encases paint with the highest levels of protection

Extremely easy to apply in any condition

Detailer's Paint Coating is a professional-grade paint coating that offers maximum protection, a high-gloss finish and exceptional water resistance while remaining easy- to-apply for users of all skill levels. Formulated with the latest in nano-based glass-like ceramics, Detailer's Paint Coating forms a semi-permanent bond to create mirror-smooth finish that reflects light intensely. Unlike most paint coatings which can be intimidating to apply, and seem to require a chemistry degree for good results, Detailer's Paint Coating is as easy to apply as any popular wax or paint sealant.

When you apply Detailer's Paint Coating, millions of nano-sized glass-like ceramic particles begin to adhere to your paint, anchoring into the tiny voids and imperfections that can only be seen with a microscope. This “hard-anchoring” affect gives Detailer's Paint Coating extreme durability. In long-term torture tests, Detailer's Paint Coating was still providing extreme protection 2 years after application.

The hard, glass-like surface makes Detailer's Paint Coating almost impenetrable. Detailer's Paint Coating is resistant to harsh acids and caustic detergents, keeping your paint sealed safely underneath. The protective glass-like shell will shield your paint from air borne pollutants, bird bombs, bug splatter, environmental fallout and over spray. Because Detailer's Paint Coating is slow wearing, your paint will be protected for years, not seasons, months, or just weeks.

Every detailer knows the secret to getting an intense, high-gloss shine is making the paint as microscopically smooth as possible. This level surface will reflect light directly back to the source. Reflections will appear sharper and more accurate. Detailer's Paint Coating's nano-glass ceramic surface creates a mirror-smooth finish as it cures, with minimal variation in topography. The result is an liquid-like, high-gloss shine that lasts.

As impressive as its jaw dropping shine, Detailer's Paint Coating's ability to resist moisture and water is equally as stunning. While freshly waxed paints will exhibit some level of water beading, Detailer's Paint Coating creates a super-hydrophobic effect. Water will pool into tiny marble-like spheres and run from the surface. The extreme water beading will capture fresh dust and light dirt, giving Detailer's Paint Coating a self-cleaning affect that will keep paint looking its best between washings.

Detailer's Paint Coating was designed to be applied by everyone. If you can wax your car you will find Detailer's Paint Coating effortless to apply.

  • Wash the vehicle completely and dry thoroughly.
  • Remove any bonded contaminates with Detailer's Universal Detailing Clay
  • Important: Polish the paint with Detailers Coating Prep Polish to remove below-the-surface contaminates, old waxes, sealants, oils, or silicone.
  • Spray Detailer's Paint Coating directly onto a section of paint and evenly distribute using a foam applicator.
  • Work Detailer's Paint Coating into the section of paint using overlapping passes until product appears to disappear.
  • Lightly buff with a soft, clean microfiber towel to remove any streaks or high spots.
4 oz.
Detailer's Paint Coating
Photo courtesy of forum member 'Vega'
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