Picking Your Protectant Guide

Picking Your Protectant GuidePicking Your Perfect Protection
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 9-20-2019
Is it possible there are just too many choices? Have you found yourself just scrolling through options without a clue on what to get? Don't worry, we got you covered! Let us guide you to YOUR perfect protectant!

Picking Your Perfect Protection
If you were to ask a non-detailing obsessed person about car care, they’d probably mention one of two things – waxing your car (thanks, Mr. Miyagi!) and washing your car. Most people aren’t aware of many different steps of detailing (waxing is only one part, people!), let alone the different types of car protection products there are (haven’t heard of paint coatings yet?). If you’re in the latter group, we’re here to help guide you into picking the best protection for YOU!

Traditional Car Waxes
First, let’s start with the most common type of protection: traditional car waxes. Available in paste, liquid, and sprayable forms, car waxes are generally of the carnauba variety and provide protection against environmental contaminants as well as providing a nice shine. In fact, carnauba provides the warmest shine and deepest gloss and clarity on paint and is very easy to apply.

One of the major drawbacks to traditional car wax is longevity – most won’t protect longer than 3 months (and that’s being generous).
While the gloss provided is virtually impossible to beat, if you want something that requires little maintenance and is long-lasting, carnauba wax isn’t for you.
Shining Examples:
Perfect For: 1. Enthusiasts that enjoy spending their weekend competing for “Best Shine Award” in car shows; 2. Dads that enjoy the bonding experience that teaching their kids how to wax provides; 3. Detailing enthusiasts that collect waxes (oh yes, carnauba-wax-collecting is definitely a thing!). 4. Professional detailers that would like to offer a true upgrade on their detailing packages

Paint Sealants & Other Synthetic Waxes
Next up in our “What’s the best protection for me” guide is Paint Sealants. Designed to mimic the look achieved by traditional car waxes but with a longer shelf (paint?) life, paint sealants provide up to 1 year’s worth of protection while also offering a deep gloss.
Slightly harder to apply than a car wax, paint sealant and other synthetic waxes are generally more affordable and are great for winter-prep. Fun fact – you can seal your car with your sealant of choice and then “top” it off with a layer of carnauba wax! This provides the best of both worlds (even if it does take a bit longer).
Shining Examples:
Perfect For: 1. The snowbird that needs to winterize before heading south; 2. The “nothing but the best” sealant-and-wax topper; 3. The middle-of-the-road guy that appreciates a great value 4. The laid-back detailer that just wants to seal it, and forget it!

Paint Coatings
And last but not least – paint coatings. The paint coating market has exploded in the past couple years – and with good reason. My personal favorite for long-lasting protection, paint coatings provide the best of everything (although I will admit, I do love the shine a nice carnauba wax provides) – longevity, tough protection, hydrophobic water-beading capabilities, self-healing properties; the list is almost endless!
Unfortunately, paint coatings are definitely harder to apply than paint sealants and waxes, and can sometimes be a little unforgiving. BUT don’t let that sway you! With the introduction of many “beginner” type coatings, people on every end of the detailing spectrum can learn and use paint coatings.
PLUS – Coatings aren’t just for paint! You can find specific type coatings for glass, wheels, tires, interior surfaces, and more – and they all protect just as well!

Shining Examples:
Perfect For: Anyone!
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