Item Description:

Improved application – easy in any temperature

Acid and alkyl resistance from 2 – 13 pH

More resistant to water spots and minerals

Creates a smooth, deep gloss with an extremely slick finish

CQUARTZ – redefined!

Meet CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC, the next generation of ceramic protection. After 10 years of CARPRO’s flagship TiO2 based coating, they are now proudly introducing this new Silicon Carbide (SiC) formulation. CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC was developed to amplify all the key attributes you’ve come to know from the CQUARTZ product line. Chemical resistance, gloss, and even application have all been revamped to produce one of the most advanced ceramic coatings on the market today. CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC wraps your car in this silicon carbide shield to improve scratch resistance, protect against water spotting and contamination, and help prevent chemical etching. The protection properties are not the only thing this formulation has improved on. CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC boast immaculate gloss and surface slickness to deliver one of the most rounded coatings you can put on your paint.

IMPROVED APPLICATION! Formulated to be easy to apply in any temperature!
The powerful protection properties of coatings normally involves a strict application environment. That was until now. CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC uses its new silicon carbide formulation to adapt and improve application for nearly every climate. This new formulation provides easy application regardless of temperature and is less impacted by humidity content.

RESISTANT! Silicon Carbide formulation adds additional resistance to chemicals and contamination
CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC improves on the high levels of protection from the originally TiO2 formulations by increases the resistance the foreign contamination and chemicals. CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC is acid and alkyl resistance from 2 – 13 pH and provides better protection from water spotting and minerals deposits.

GLOSS! Unique formulation provides a deep smooth gloss!
Protection isn’t the only improvement to the CARPRO CQUARTZ. The slick, deep gloss finish that you get from CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC is something you can get lost in. The mesmerizing gloss from CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC produces a smooth reflective shine that is so slick, it nearly cleans itself. While we’re sure you were blown away by the shine of the original TiO2 CARPRO CQUARTZ, we’re absolutely sure you’ll be in awe of this new silicon carbide shine!


  • If contamination exist, prepare the surface using CARPRO IronX and clay. Follow with a polish to refine the surface in preparation for the coating.
  • Wipe each panel using CARPRO Eraser to remove any oils or other trace elements left on the surface.


Warning! Contents under pressure. Do not shake. Open slowly. Aim away from face and others. Wear gloves when handling product.

  • Release pressure by opening the bottle slowly and away from your face and others. Tighten cap and shake the bottle lightly to mix the contents. Some pressure may build again. Use caution when reopening the bottle to apply to applicator.
  • Wrap an included microfiber suede towel around the black bottom side of the applicator and apply a line of product down the center.
  • Using a crosshatch pattern, spread the product across an approximate 2 sq ft section.
  • Wait around 5 minutes until you see a white haze begin to form and buff away all excess. (This can be anywhere between 3-15 minutes depending on the temperature of the application environment)
  • Switch out the microfiber suede every 2-3 panels.
  • Additional coats can be applied around 45-60 minutes after the 1st coat or the following day if after 90 minutes.
  • It is NOT recommended to top with Reload due to the extremely slick finish of CQUARTZ SiC, which is slicker than Reload.

NOTE: It is NOT recommended to top with Reload due to the extremely slick finish of CQUARTZ SiC, which is slicker than Reload.

50 ml. Kit (Includes 4 suede towels and applicator block)

ORMD WARNING - Federal regulations prohibit this product by shipping via air. This item is shipped by GROUND service only. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT OUTSIDE MAINLAND USA.

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By Tom
Knoxville, TN
A Winner
July 5, 2022
Just completed application of CARPRO CQUARTZ on two vehicles (Toyota Tacoma and Audi SQ5) and the results are amazing. It was impressive how easily the coating process went although it requires close attention to the instructions provided in order to achieve the desired results. Application is labor intensive as it is all handwork-no machine used to apply and buff. It will be interesting to see how the product holds up over the course of time. As of now, the product is highly recommended.
By jesus
Bristol p,a
The best ceramic
October 5, 2021
Good to use easy to apply
Southern California
Amazing slickness and gloss
August 26, 2021
I am impressed by the slickness and gloss of this product. The wipe off / leveling process is more complex than UK 3.0, but honestly, it is not rocket science. I made the mistake of using too much product, but one 50 ml bottle should allow one to double coat most vehicles.

As with any with ceramic coating, the most important and difficult step is the preparation of the paint.
  • gloss / slickness / appearance
  • Figuring out when level / wipe off the product is a bit more complex.
By Nicolas
Very Good Product
July 28, 2021
My favorite brand. The one that always keeps what it promises
By Timmy M.
Elkton Va
Love it
August 31, 2016
Love the ease of putting it on and taking it off. Bugs will not stick to it. Just got done applying to a Cessna Plane.
  • Bugs will not stick to it , and looks good.
  • A Little Pricey for the amount you get.
By Steve
McLean, VA
Big Results in a Small Bottle!
April 23, 2013
I first used this product on my Porsche last fall. At the time, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to apply and the way the metallic paint seemed to "light up." I was sufficiently impressed that I hurriedly bought more and applied it to all of our cars. Last week I was preparing for the springtime "strip, polish, wax" routine, and was washing the Porsche was treated with Cquartz last fall. I couldn't believe the finish after so many months! Dirt and dust literally rinsed off the car with a hose, leaving the blemish-free, super shiny finish I remembered from the first application. There is no question that this sealant lasts as long as advertised. This product is the longest lasting, show car quality coating I have used, bar none. Highly recommended.
  • Easy to apply, fantastic results, long lasting
  • Small bottle does one car only. Reacts with some polishes.