Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating - 15cc

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Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is easy to apply
Apply a thin bead of product directly onto the included applicator
Uber Ceramic Coating can be applied by anyone
Apply to one panel at a time - side to side and then front to back
Uber Ceramic Coating wipes off without any effort
Wipe off excess using a soft microfiber towel
Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is an incredibly durable resin-based coating that bonds with your vehicle to create a lasting layer of protection against the elements. Even if you're a dedicated carnauba fan, this easy-to-apply formula will make a believer out of you! Each application of Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating yields as many as three years' worth of deep, stunning reflections and incredible glossiness! After you've spent hours polishing your vehicle's paint to perfection, your first instinct maybe to reach for your trusty pot of carnauba wax, after all applying it is easy enough. Carnauba is great, it offers a warm glow and it can actually be pretty fun to apply, but it truly lacks in the durability category. If you've avoided jumping on the paint coating band wagon up until this point, Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating will change your mind for good! Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is just as easy to apply as a wax or sealant, but offers durability of up to three years! This clear resin bonds directly to paint forming an impenetrable barrier against environmental contaminants. In fact, Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating acts like an additional clear coat layer, helping minimize the risk of scratches, swirl marks, and other damage to the factory clear. Once coated, your vehicle will stay cleaner and will be easier to wash since dirt and grime won't be able to stick to the smooth surface. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating forms a semi-permanent bond with the surface of your vehicle. Once in place, the only way to remove it is to physically abrade it away. It is packaged in a plastic syringe for easy application, and will last up to 3 years on paint, 2 years on wheels, and 1 year on glass—just try to get that kind of durability from your carnauba! Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating forms a super-glossy shell of protection on your vehicle that is as much as 50 times thicker than a coat of a conventional wax or sealant. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating protects your vehicle and looks great doing it!

Don't stop at your paint! Wolfgang Uber Coating can also be used on...
Apply to plastic trim
Protects trim from fading over time
Apply to headlight lenses
Prevents headlights from yellowing
Apply to wheels
Makes wheels easy to clean
Apply to glass
Causes water to bead up and roll off exterior glass
15cc Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating
Application card
Speed Master Cloud 9 Microfiber towel, 16 x 16 inches
Coating Applicator

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