Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating Complete Kit - 30cc

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The Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating Complete Kit is the perfect introduction to ceramic coatings. This all-inclusive kit not only provides 30cc of the revolutionary Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating, but it also supplies the products and applicators you’ll need to prep the surface, apply the coating, and maintain the beautiful finish that you create. The Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating Complete Kit takes the guesswork out of deciding which products to use when you decide to use a ceramic coating!

The Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating Complete Kit Includes:
Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating 15cc Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating
Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating is an incredibly durable resin-based coating that bonds with your vehicle to create a lasting layer of protection against the elements. Even if you’re a dedicated carnauba fan, this easy-to-apply formula will make a believer out of you! Each application of Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating yields as many as three years’ worth of deep, stunning reflections and incredible glossiness!
Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep 16 oz. Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep
Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep helps you properly prepare the surface of you vehicle for the application of a wax, sealant, or coating. This pure formula helps to eliminate the polishing oils, fillers, silicone oils, finger prints, and other impurities that would otherwise prevent your preferred last step product (LSP) from adhering to the surface. Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep prevents premature failure of waxes, sealants, and coatings by ensuring that the surface is perfectly clean, optimizing the adhesion process.
Wolfgang Auto Bathe 16 oz. Wolfgang Auto Bathe
Wolfgang Auto Bathe is a rich, high sudsing car shampoo that pampers even the most delicate paint finishes. This high lubricity car wash lathers your vehicle in paint-protecting foam as it loosens and lifts dirt and grime. Wolfgang Auto Bathe leaves your vehicle looking clean, shiny, and virtually water spot-free.
Lake Country Coating Applicators 2 x Lake Country Coating Applicators
The Lake Country Coating Applicator applies perfectly even and extremely uniform coats of your favorite paint or surface coating. A dual-sided design ensures that you get the most coverage per drop of your coating, while providing an easy-to-hold handle for maximum comfort. The ingenious rectangular-block design of the Lake Country Coating Applicator allows you to apply coatings quickly over large areas, while giving you the ability to coat the most complex body panels with ease.
Black Wax Finger Pockets 2 x Black Wax Finger Pockets
Apply Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating to the most intricate spots with these ultra-soft applicators. The Black Wax Finger Pockets are perfect for wheel spokes, under door handles, around trim, and other areas which deserve the utmost in protection.
 Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towels 2 x Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towels, 16 x 24 inches
The Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towel is a carefully-crafted, edgeless microfiber buffing towel that indulges your paint with its silky-soft plushness. By combining it's thick density with a special, medium-length fiber strand, the Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towel has quickly become the go-to towel for almost any exterior car care task: removing waxes, sealants, detail sprays and spray protectants. This towel is so durable you can even use it for waterless and rinseless washing.

Kit includes:
30cc Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating
16 oz. Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep
16 oz. Wolfgang Auto Bathe
2 Lake Country Coating Applicators
2 Black Wax Finger Pockets
2 Wolfgang Concours-Series Microfiber Towel, 16 x 24 inches

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