Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating - 30 ml.

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Keep an Uber clear view!

Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating delivers an easy and long-lasting solution for glass protection. Reduce the need to constantly reapply sealants or glass waxes with a robust protectant. Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating harnesses the power of ceramic technology to provide up to 12 months of protection and performance with a single application. This is no mistake. The chemist behind Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating created the ideal formula for detailing professionals. With little prep work, Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating can be applied directly in a driveway! Of course, while Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating was made with the professional in mind, it's easy enough for the DIY detailer to apply.

Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating provides a plethora of benefits. Much more than its dazzling hydrophobics. The ceramic-based formulation creates high surface tension on glass to provide self-cleaning properties. Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating reduces the amount of dust, dirt, and road grime making glass maintenance a breeze. Whatever doesn't wash off in the rain can be wipe away with a glass cleaner. Stop applying glass protection every week and get a true solution. Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating.


  • Thoroughly clean glass using Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner.
  • If necessary, polish the glass using Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish to remove surface contamination.
  • Prep the surface for the Uber Glass Coating by using Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep.
  • Apply a liberal amount of Uber Glass Coating to the glass surface and directly onto a microfiber coating applicator.
  • Wipe Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating onto the glass using a back and forth motion, ensuring all glass is evenly coated.
  • Allow several minutes for coating to flash before removing any remaining residue with a microfiber towel.
  • No cure time is necessary -Wolfgang Uber Glass Coating starts to protect immediately upon application!

30 ml.

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