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The BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Kit includes the proper applicator and MicroSuede cloths to install the BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating!

BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating fuses consumer and pro level characteristics into a high-performance coating to achieve unparalleled levels of protection. BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating was engineered to be completely user friendly. This meant developing a product that will not only have a nearly effortless installation process but could also work in hot and humid environments. BLACKFIRE achieved this by utilizing a solvent fluorine free formula to yield these incredible results.

The BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating was formulated utilizing a thermoplastic component to increase its levels of protecting and strength. This also lets the BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating boast an impeccable 9H+ hardness to provide up to 2 years of protection when properly maintained. The thermoplastic works on the molecular level to cross-link and provide pro coating levels of protection. Of course, all this is in addition to providing a finish that only make others envious.


If necessary, use BLACKFIRE Compound and BLACKFIRE Polish to remove any imperfections. If the vehicle does not have any major imperfections, BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish can be used to correct any light swirls and scratches. BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish can also be used to prep the surface in place of BLACKFIRE Prep Spray. Allow the BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish to cure for at least one hour before application of coating.

  • Prep surface using either BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish or BLACKFIRE Prep Spray.
  • Shake product well before use.
  • Wrap a suede towel around a foam applicator block and apply a straight line of the product onto the towel.
  • Working in a 3' x 3' section, apply the product to the paint in straight lines with a 50% overlap between strokes. Allow BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating to flash then gently buff the surface with a soft, dry microfiber towel. Switch to clean side or fresh towel frequently to avoid streaking.

If you would like to apply a second coat, you may do so immediately after the first. Allow this product to cure for 12 hours before exposure to moisture. Avoid washing the vehicle for 72 hours after installation.

Kit Includes:
1 Qty BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating -50 ml.
1 Qty BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator
10 Qty BLACKFIRE MicroSuede Cloths -12 x 10 cm

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