GYEON Q2 Wax - 175 grm.

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Redefine what wax means

GYEON has capitalized on its profound knowledge of coatings to engineer a wax like no other. Meet GYEON Q2 Wax, a traditional style car wax packed with current, more sophisticated technology. GYEON Q2 Wax proves that wax isn't dead, it just needed a boost. GYEON Q2 Wax utilizes fluorine as its base chemical component to create superior hydrophobics and gloss. GYEON Q2 Wax makes a perfect base coat protectant with durable levels of protection and an impressive resistance to contamination.

ADVANCED CHEMICAL BASE! This is far from the traditional waxes you've ever seen!
GYEON Q2 Wax breaks away from the traditional carnauba waxes that you've seen for that past 100 years and brings the new, more sophisticated chemistry into this mix. GYEON Q2 Wax is a fluorine based synthetic wax that produces exceptional results while moving away from standard formulations. Borrowed from the popular Q2 Booster, the fluorine based GYEON Q2 Wax will redefine what wax really is.

EASY TO USE! This advanced formulation applies just as easy as old school carnauba!
Stepping up your protection doesn't transform into a difficult application, at least for GYEON Q2 Wax. This refined wax applies just as easy as your traditional waxes and sealants with little effort required. Simply spread out this smooth wax across the surface and let it dry to haze. In about 30 minutes you can buff away to a glorious gloss!

HIGHLY RESISTANT! GYEON Q2 Wax provides a protective shield against the elements!
The highly hydrophobic layer produced by GYEON Q2 Wax leaves you with a durable level of protection. Once the fluorine-based protection anchors itself to the surface you'll be covered for just about anything the road throws at you! And of course, preparation is key for maximum performance. If you ensure you start with a clean and degreased surface, you'll be

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