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G'ed Up From The Wheels Up!

The GYEON Q2 Ceramic Collection is the full suite of GYEON ceramic protection in one bundle. The GYEON Q2 Ceramic Collection is perfect for the car enthusiast looking for the best protection for every inch of their ride. From glass, to paint, to wheel, the GYEON Q2 Ceramic Collection has you covered. And, it's packed with plenty of Q2M Prep as well! Each GYEON coating is extremely user friendly compared to competing ceramic products and can be applied by the DIY guy or the professional. The only think you must ask yourself is – are you ready to G2 your car?

This Kit Includes:

GYEON Q2 Mohs Ceramic Paint Coating
Q2 Mohs is the hardest automotive paint coating available to a wide range of users. Given the average automotive paint hardness, which lies within the range of 3-4H according to the Mohs scale, Q2 Mohs adds a further 3H, which makes the paint extremely resistant to scratches. The extraordinary hardness of the coating preserves the effects achieved during the paint correction and is synonymous with a much slower paint degradation during maintenance.

Wheels, just after the engine bay and exhausts, are the components that are most exposed to high temperatures. Q2 Rim has an endurance capability exceeding 300 degrees Celsius without any damage to its original properties. The fact that this quartz coating is dedicated exclusively to rims is an asset and introduces a new level of quality within the field of rim protection, particularly when compared with conventional, synthetic wax-based protection.

Q2 View's primary task is to increase the safety of you and your passengers as well as the comfort of driving in difficult road conditions. We assume that the worse the road conditions, the more the driver should be focused on the driving. Q2 View provides a much better view of the road by keeping the windows clean, repelling water and dirt and through that increasing its transparency.

It is quite common to observe fading or discoloring of automotive finishing materials under the influence of UV radiation as well as strong chemicals used in car washes. Q2 Trim preserves the long-lasting, supreme effect of color saturation, which translates into ensuring a mat or satin finish of materials. Even after 12 months, the effect of color saturation does not diminish, which often means exceeding the durability of traditional products.

Q2M Prep is a necessary supplement for preparing a vehicle for coating application. It allows the elimination of any oily residues, thus creating a smooth, anti-static surface. Q2M Prep has strong cleansing and degreasing properties owing to which the preparation of the vehicle for any detailing activities becomes much easier and more efficient.In contrast to other degreasers available on the market, it not only lifts oily substances and residues of paste or old wax, but is also very capable of solving them, hence their elimination becomes much easier.

Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloth
Sky Blue Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths are composed of 75/25 blend of polyester and polyamide which offers both durability and gentle function. These towels will effortlessly remove even the most stubborn product residue without marring. Sky Blue Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths have a soft, looped texture and since there's no rough edge hem, the entire towel is safe and effective!

This Kit Includes:

  • GYEON Q2 Mohs Ceramic Paint Coating - 30 ml
  • GYEON Q2 Rim - 30 ml
  • GYEON Q2 View - 20 ml
  • GYEON Q2 Trim - 30 ml. Kit
  • GYEON Q2M Prep - 1000 ml
  • 12 Qty. Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloth - 16" x 16"
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