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Protect your wheels for miles and miles!

The GYEON Q2 RIM Application Bundle is packaged up with what you need to protect your wheels for the miles ahead. At the core of this combo is the GYEON Q2 RIM, a quartz based ceramic coating designed to shield your wheels from the harsh contamination on the road, and what comes off your car! Road grime will also bother you when you see it accumulate on your wheel, but the ferrous contamination from brake dust can cause far more damage. Aside from it deteriorating the finish of the wheel, it actually can become and abrasive when scrubbed off. The protection of GYEON Q2 RIM will allow you to put a barrier between those hostile contaminants and your wheel! To make sure you have applied Q2 RIM properly, you'll find all the tools needed in the GYEON Q2 RIM Application Bundle!

This Kit Includes:

Q2M Prep is a necessary supplement for preparing a vehicle for coating application. It allows the elimination of any oily residues, thus creating a smooth, anti-static surface. Q2M Prep has strong cleansing and degreasing properties owing to which the preparation of the vehicle for any detailing activities becomes much easier and more efficient. In contrast to other degreasers available on the market, it not only lifts oily substances and residues of paste or old wax, but is also very capable of solving them, hence their elimination becomes much easier.

Wheels, just after the engine bay and exhausts, are the components that are most exposed to high temperatures. Q2 Rim has an endurance capability exceeding 300 degrees Celsius without any damage to its original properties. The fact that this quartz coating is dedicated exclusively to rims is an asset and introduces a new level of quality within the field of rim protection, particularly when compared with conventional, synthetic wax-based protection.

GYEON Bald Wipe Microfiber Towel
The short fiber, edgeless Q2M BaldWipe towel is a gentle yet very effective towel. It suits many different applications, being equally as good whether it comes to wiping off coatings, applying Q2M Cure or cleansing the paint with Q2M Tar as it is when used with Q2M Prep. It removes the rest of the polishing pastes, without leaving marks or light scratches easily. Q2M BaldWipe can also be used as a universal microfiber for interior detailing. The Q2M BaldWipe Towel, just like all of our edgeless towels, is fabricated using the most advanced laser-cutting technology.

GYEON Soft Wipe Microfiber Towel
Q2M SoftWipe fiber was developed to suit even the softest paints on the market. It's extremely thick, but gentle fibers are perfect for wiping coatings and all types of quick detailers and spray sealants. It's the perfect choice for our Q2M Cure. A major benefit is it's edgeless trim, making the Q2M SoftWipe towel ultra-safe. The Q2M SoftWipe Towel is fabricated using the most advanced laser-cutting technology, making edgeless microfibers very durable against wear.

This Kit Includes:

  • GYEON Q2M Prep - 500 ml
  • GYEON Q2 Rim - 30 ml
  • 1 Qty. GYEON Soft Wipe Microfiber Towel - 16"x24"
  • 1 Qty. GYEON Bald Wipe Microfiber Towel - 16"x16"
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