Diamondite Insect Armor

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Picture a knight dressed in his metal suit – he's protected from outside penetrative forces, right? And that's because of his suit of armor! Diamondite Insect Armor does for your paint what a suit of armor does for that knight – creates a barrier between your paint and, in this case, bugs! Diamondite Insect Armor is a temporary layer of protection that prevents insects and inset remains from creating a strong enough hold on your paint that your clear coat and other delicate surfaces are compromised.

There is one specific season in Florida that is the worst for car drivers – and it's not summer! It's LOVE BUG season. Those pesky little buggers seem to fly right to your paint where they quickly die and then start to break down. And what happens when they start to break down? The acid eats into your paint causing damage! Unless you quickly remove them (and let's be honest, how many times have we all just said “tomorrow"?), these insects can cause etching, staining, and permanent paint damage.

Perfect for road trips and other occasions that warrant a temporary layer of protection, Diamondite Insect Armor prevents those bugs from sticking to your paint, providing an extra time-cushion that allows you to remove these remains before they're there for good! The neutralizing ingredients of Diamondite Insect Armor render the acidity of bug remains ineffective, making them easier than ever to clean off.

Directions for use:

  1. Clean area thoroughly before applying.
  2. Apply several drops of Diamondite Insect Armor to a microfiber applicator and spread onto surface in an even layer.
  3. Allow product to fully dry before driving.

16 oz.

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