Diamondite Glass Polish

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If your glass isnít clear, you must polish!

Removes even heavy road film and water spots

Formulated with high-quality abrasives

Can be used by hand or by machine

Diamondite Glass Polish is what you pull out when your glass is seriously contaminated and needs some extra attention. Formulated with high-quality abrasives that gently remove surface contamination such as road film, hard water spots, insect remails, tar, and other common environmental contaminants, Diamondite Glass Polish will also prepare the surface for glass coating by removing anything that would prevent proper coating bonding. If you think of Diamonditeís glass cleaning scale of 1 Ė 10, Diamondite Glass Polish would be the most correcting at 10.

Glass care is definitely not the most exciting aspect of detailing Ė in fact, itís probably number 2 on the list of most-boring (interior upholstery being 1, of course), but just like upholstery cleaning, itís very important. If your glass isnít cleaned and providing 100% visibility itís unsafe as well as ugly. And if a glass surface has been allowed to go for long periods of time without cleaning, youíre going to need something a little heavier duty than a regular old glass cleaner Ė youíre going to need Diamondite Glass Polish!

Diamondite Glass Polish uses high-quality abrasive technology to gently polish the surface of common contaminants that cause cloudy glass without the risk of causing further damage. Perfect as a first step when trying to achieve crystal clear glass, Diamondite Glass Polish can be used by hand or by machine!

Directions for use:

Hand Application:

  1. Apply several pea-sized drops of Diamondite Glass Polish onto a foam polishing pad and rub vigorously into the surface.
  2. Continue rubbing until contamination has been removed, applying more polish as you go if necessary.
  3. Use a slightly dampened microfiber towel to buff away residue.
  4. Buff away excess product to inspect your results to see if further application is necessary.

Machine Application:

  1. Apply several pea-sized drops of Diamondite Glass Polish onto a foam polishing pad and apply to the surface using light to medium pressure. After several pauses, inspect surface to see if further application is necessary.
  2. Repeat until desired results have been achieved.

16 oz.

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By fred
Easy to apply/remove
December 31, 2021
This product goes on easy and removes just the same. It polishes the glass to a crystal clear shine. It does however leave a film on the windshield when suing the wipers which I had to remove with Meguires water spot remover. I will likely just use it on the side and back windows