Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol

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Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol may just be the easiest way to clean your glass – a spray-and-wipe application style and a streak-free finish every time is all you can ask for in a high quality glass cleaner and Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol certainly delivers! The foaming formula clings to glass surfaces allowing you time to grab your glass towel without rush and gently wipe away surface contamination. Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol removes common contaminants such as smudges, oil marks, fingerprints, dust, dirt, pollen, and more!

Many of our favorite glass cleaners come in an aerosol form. There's just something about the ease of use; you don't have any excess product running down your finger, you don't have to worry about overspray hitting your paint, and you have plenty of time to wipe excess product away before it's collecting in the creases of your windows. But other than ease of use, Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol is also effective! This non-streaking, non-smudging, ammonia-based product makes quick work of contamination removal leaving behind a bright, crystal clear finish!

Directions for use:

Use only on cool surfaces out of direct sunlight.

  1. Hold Diamondite Glass Cleaner Aerosol can upright and spray directly onto surface.
  2. Wipe away using a clean microfiber glass towel.
  3. Flip to a new side of your towel and buff away any excess product.

19 oz.

ORMD WARNING - Federal regulations prohibit this product by shipping via air. This item is shipped by GROUND service only. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT OUTSIDE MAINLAND USA.
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