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Diamondite Insect Armor Bundle pairs the protective power of the Diamondite Insect Armor with high-quality Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads so you can quickly get an insect shield applied to your paint before bugs can cause any damage! Diamondite Insect Armor creates an impenetrable (well, to insect remains at least!) layer that makes the clean-up after road trips an absolute breeze! Stop insects from causing long-lasting damage to your clear coat with the Diamondite Insect Armor Bundle!

This Kit Includes:

Diamondite Insect Armor
Picture a knight dressed in his metal suit – he's protected from outside penetrative forces, right? And that's because of his suit of armor! Diamondite Insect Armor does for your paint what a suit of armor does for that knight – creates a barrier between your paint and, in this case, bugs! Diamondite Insect Armor is a temporary layer of protection that prevents insects and inset remains from creating a strong enough hold on your paint that your clear coat and other delicate surfaces are compromised.

3 qty. Microfiber Applicator Pads
The Microfiber Applicator features high quality microfiber wrapped around a foam core sponge. The result is an ultra high quality microfiber you grab in your hand and use for all of your detailing needs. The soft microfiber features an extremely large surface area making it perfect for applying or removing waxes, sealants, spray sealants, dressings, and more. The short microfiber fingers also provide excellent scrubbing power for cleaning soiled leather, vinyl, and plastic.

This Kit Includes:

  • Diamondite Insect Armor - 16 oz.
  • 3 qty. Microfiber Applicator Pads
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