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Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel is a thicker-than-average glass cleaning formula designed to cling to glass surfaces without running off, thus proving a longer working time and a lower risk of overspray. Perfect for use as an every day glass cleaner, Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel removes fresh water spots, dust, dirt, pollen, fresh insect remains, and other environmental surface contamination from glass surfaces. Alcohol-free and safe for use on tinted windows, Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel wipes away streak-free and with a very clear finish.

Believe it or not, cleaning glass can be a bit tricky sometimes. If you have a lower-quality glass cleaner you may have to deal with smudges and streaks every time you clean, or if you have a lower quality microfiber glass cleaning towel, you'll leave behind lint and fogginess. Finding a good quality glass cleaner and microfiber towel is key – and Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel is one of the good ones!

By creating a formula with a thicker consistency, Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel will cling to surfaces on which it is sprayed and work at removing contamination before you even have a chance to wipe it away. You're not left scrambling after every drop of product and can instead focus on the removal of whatever it is that's clouding your glass. But, you won't have to work for long! Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel makes quick work of cleaning and lets you get on your way – this time with crystal clear glass!

Directions for use:

Use only on cool surfaces out of direct sunlight.

  1. Spray Diamondite Glass Cleaner Gel directly onto the glass surface.
  2. Wipe away using a dedicated glass cleaning towel.
  3. Flip to a new side of your towel and buff away any excess product.

20 oz.

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