CARPRO CQUARTZ UK 3.0 - 30 ml.

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  • CARPRO CQUARTZ UK 3.0 - 30 ml.
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CARPRO CQUARTZ is an anti-static coating that shines and protects your vehicle like nothing else! Well, nothing else but the new CARPRO CQUARTZ UK 3.0. CQUARTZ UK 3.0 is a special edition formula designed to apply effortlessly in cold temperatures. In order to achieve this goal, CARPRO went back to the drawing board and developed a new product with unrivaled levels of silicon dioxide, or SiO2, with unmatched levels of purity. CARPRO CQUARTZ UK 3.0 was developed to withstand the tough conditions and application of the most temperamental areas of Britain so it will protect perfectly in any environment.

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Current glass coat products have approximately a 2% concentration of silicon dioxide. CARPRO CQUARTZ UK 3.0 has a 60% concentration with 99.9% purity. This huge concentration and amazing purity allow CQUARTZ UK 3.0 to form a transparent glass coat film over the surface. This guarantees a long lasting coating with extreme strength and water repellency. In fact, you can expect one application of CARPRO CQUARTZ UK 3.0 to last over two years. CQUARTZ UK 3.0 provides: Ultra Hard, Scratch Resistant Coating: SiO2 is one of the hardest materials in the world. It creates a very hard durable surface coat. Extremely Clear Transparent Film: The high purity of SiO2 found in CQUARTZ UK 3.0 gives this coating a very clear, extremely glossy finish that maximizes the paint underneath Ease-Of-Use: CQUARTZ UK 3.0 is easy to apply in any temperature range from 40 degrees F and above. Exceptional Protection: CQUARTZ UK 3.0 is resistant to most detergents and acids. Protects against paint damage and sun fade. Self Cleaning: Extreme water beading and excellent dirt shedding ability help keep the surface cleaner for longer. Long-Lasting: 1 Application of CQUARTZ UK 3.0 will last at least 2 years. Directions: 1)Wash the car and dry the car thoroughly. 2)Decontaminate the paint using CARPRO IronX or similar product. Using detailing clay if necessary. 3)Polish the paint to the gloss you desire. 4)Remove any oils, waxes, or silicones from the paint using Car Pro Eraser. 5)Apply CQUARTZ UK 3.0 to included applicator. 6)Spread product in a criss-cross or circular motion to ensure complete coverage. Continue to work a section at a time until the surface appears dry then buff any residue with a suede microfiber. 7)Repeat, a section at a time, until the entire car has been protected. 8)For best results, use CARPRO Reload 30 minutes to 1 hour after application to prevent streaking or spotting. 9)CARPRO CQUARTZ UK 3.0 achieves maximum hardness 24 hours after application.

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