CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric Coating - 100 ml.

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  • CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric Coating - 100 ml.
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CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric is an extremely durable protective coating that protects textile surfaces against chemical damage, grease, soiling, stains, and wear! CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric uses nanotechnology to coat materials with a protective film of protection. This coating is used on textiles to provide stain-resistance and anti-bacterial properties while reducing wear and sun fade. Paint coating systems, like CARPRO CQUARTZ, have become popular because they offer the exterior of your vehicle advanced long lasting protection. Now you can take that protection inside with CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric. Traditional coatings and protectants alter the feel of fabrics and leather because they are “thick". CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric uses nanotechnology to attach to individual fibers. The coating is so small, yet so powerful, that the look texture, and even breath-ability of the material is not affected. Your fabric will retain its original feel, performance, and sheen while being coated with durable protection. Car interiors, often make of delicate stain-prone fabrics, are particularly suited to wear due to the constant influx of dirt, grime, and abrasion. CarPro CQUARTZ Fabric is the solution to this common problem. The nanotechnology coating in CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric & Leather prevents dirt, grease, and grime from penetrating and staining fabrics. The protection is visibly evident when water is placed on protected textile. Instead of soaking it, it will bead into tiny spheres and run off the surface, in an effect commonly known as Super Hydrophobic. CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric is so effective that it prevents bacteria from penetrating the material! In addition is provides necessary UV protection which resists sun fade. CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric is not just for automotive use! You can use it on home furniture, clothing and accessories, shoes, textile motorcycle jackets and more! Note: If applying to a convertible top take care not to spray onto paint or glass. If some product is accidentally applied to the paint or glass remove immediately with CARPRO Eraser or diluted isopropyl alcohol. CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric is an advanced surface coating; the use of Nitrile Gloves is highly recommended. Directions for use:
• Shake well before use. Test an inconspicuous area for colorfastness prior to application.
• Spray CARPRO CQUARTZ Fabric onto an applicator and work evenly onto the surface one area at a time.
• Allow to air dry. 100 ml. VOC WARNING - Due to VOC restrictions this product cannot be shipped to the state of California.
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