CARPRO CQUARTZ Skin - 30 ml.

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Finally – CARPRO CQUARTZ level protection for your PPF and vinyl-wrapped vehicles! You no longer have to worry about the damage the sun and other elements are doing to your expensive wrap, CARPRO CQUARTZ Skin applies up to a 2 year long layer of protection against UV rays, dirt, dust, water minerals that can cause spotting, and more! One simple application keeps your delicately wrapped vehicles protected and looking their best! CARPRO CQUARTZ Skin features:
Long-Lasting Protection – CARPRO CQUARTZ Skin uses a unique UV infused nano structure to provide up to 2 years of protection on treated surfaces. Never before available for vinyl or PPF wrapped vehicles, including matte and satin finishes, CARPRO CQUARTZ Skin provides the benefits of the famous CARPRO CQUARTZ for these delicate surfaces. Protect against dirt, dust, mud, road grime, and the degrading qualities of the sun, all while maintaining a rich, warm appearance. Use CARPRO CQUARTZ Skin on:
Matte, Satin, or Gloss finishes
Car Bra/ PPF films
Vinyl wraps Directions for use:
• Be sure to fully prepare the surface to be treated and remove all traces of oil and contaminants.
• Apply product evenly using a criss-cross path of application.
• Allow to flash for approximately 2-3 minutes and wipe off using a clean microfiber towel.
• For best results, apply two layers of CARPRO CQUARTZ Skin.
• Keep out of elements for 24 hours and do not wash for approximately 3-5 days minimum.

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