P&S RESET Clay Towel

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Made with advanced rubber polymer technology

Removes stubborn, embedded contamination

Removes contaminant three times faster than traditional clay

Creates and incredibly smooth paint finish

Does your paint need a RESET?

The P&S RESET Clay Towel gives your paint a fresh start for creating a glossy finish. P&S RESET Clay Towel uses advanced rubber polymer technology to skim across the surface of your paint and remove embedded contamination. Not only will this contamination hinder gloss, but it will also prematurely wear your paint. If neglected, contamination such as industrial fallout, overspray, water spots, and surface rust will etch the surface and cause irreparable damage.

The P&S RESET Clay Towel is designed to easily remove these contaminates before any damage is done. The P&S RESET Clay Towel is easy to use and glides smoothly across the surface, skimming off unwanted contamination. When compared to traditional clay bars, P&S RESET Clay Towel can remove contamination 3 times as fast and will last 8-10 times as long! Cleaning the P&S RESET Clay Towel is just as easy as using it. Simply rinse off and let dry. The same goes for if you drop it! While you would need to toss a clay bar in the trash, the P&S RESET Clay Towel can be rinsed and reused over and over.

PRO TIP: Use P&S Iron Buster to dissolve ferrous contamination before using P&S RESET Clay Towel. This further reduces the risk of marring and ensures complete contamination removal.

12" x 12"

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