IGL EcoClean Clay Towel

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Instantly cleans embedded contamination

Restores depth, shine, and smoothness

Manufactured using the highest-grade polymers

Reusable - last 8-10 times longer than traditional clay

Clay that just keeps cleaning!

The IGL Ecoclean Clay was designed to provide you with paint as smooth as glass; without the hassles of traditional clay. IGL Ecoclean Clay uses advanced polymer technology to cleanse and decontaminate the surface in a single step. With the ability to remove over-spray, rail dust, industrial fallout, and other contamination with ease, IGL Ecoclean Clay is a simple solution for enhancing your finish. IGL Ecoclean Clay last an average of 8-10 times longer than traditional clay bars, and it won’t go to waste after being dropped either! A simple rinse and you’re back to work!

ENHANCED! High-grade polymers deliver exceptional cleaning abilities!
Manufactured using the highest-grade polymers, the IGL Ecoclean Clay is a solid solution for paint contamination. This advanced polymer face does all the heavy lifting when it comes to decontamination. IGL Ecoclean Clay easily removes embedded pollutants to restore your finish.

REUSABLE! Drop it, rinse it, and keep on claying!
The durable polymer face of the IGL Ecoclean Clay can last 8-10 times longer than standard paint clay and can be stored for even longer. Plus, you no longer have to worry about dropping your clay and letting it go to waste. Simply rinse off the face of the IGL Ecoclean Clay and keep right on going!

INSTANT RESULTS! Instantly cleans to increase depth, shine, and smoothness!
Within a matter of minutes, you can quickly and effectively remove embedded paint contamination and restore you paint to a deep luster. Embedded contaminates like over-spray, rail dust, and industrial fallout clog the surface of you paint and reduce gloss. They can even inhibit the bond of your favorite wax or sealant! The IGL Ecoclean Clay easily removes these to restore depth and that smooth feeling.

29.5cm x 29.5cm

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