How To Wash Your Car Eco Consciously With Waterles

How To Wash Your Car Eco Consciously With Waterles

How To Wash Your Car Eco Consciously With Waterless Wash The world around us is changing. Fresh water resources are running scarce, leading to restrictions on water usage. Additionally, in our busy lives it can be hard to find the time to wash our cars. Fortunately, leading product manufacturers are adapting to our needs and the needs of the environment with fast-acting, ecologically friendly waterless wash formulas. BLACKFIRE Car Care, Ultima, McKee's 37, and Optimum Polymer Technologies all offer excellent waterless wash products. Each unique formulation offers a unique twist on this rapidly growing segment of car washing. Waterless washes offer a paint safe and effective solution to the concerns of water shortages, environmental issues, and car washing location restrictions. The exceptionally high lubricity of such products encapsulates dirt and grime so that it is safely and easily wiped away without the fear of scratching. Simply spray, wipe, and walk away. It's that easy – no hoses, no mess – and this process not only cleans, it actually protects as it enhances paint clarity, slickness and gloss.

Blackfire Waterless Wash

BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash is a high lubricity waterless wash that uses BLACKFIRE's proprietary Wet Diamond polymers to encapsulate dirt and dust so they wipe away without scratching. The Wet Diamond polymers also bond to the paint to reinforce existing protection and create a whiplash inducing shine. BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash is available in a ready to use trigger spray as well as a concentrate. Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ has been Boosted by Polycharger Technology so it refreshes that brilliant just detailed shine. It also adds protection from the harsh elements and harmful UV rays. Special high lubricating agents encapsulate dirt and grime so that it is safely lifted and easily wiped away without scratching. Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ is available in a ready to use trigger spray as well as a concentrate. Ultimate Waterless Wash Plus+ can also be diluted and used as a rinseless wash. Keep It Clean! While using a waterless wash on your car offers time benefits and reinforces preexisting protection, it does have some limitations. If your car is excessively dirty it may override the waterless wash's ability to safely remove dirt without scratching the paint. In this case consider using a traditional bucket car wash or a rinseless car wash. Microfiber Towels Your waterless wash solution will encapsulate the dirt and grime, preventing it from scratching the paint. For best performance you will need soft, plush microfiber towels. The soft fibers will help the solution to gently lift the dirt from the surface and bury it in the plush nap. Super Plush Deluxe 600 or Gold Plush Microfiber Towels work extremely well. Most average sized cars will use 8 towels for a scratch free wash and a perfect shine! If you will be washing your wheels and wheel well compartments use a Microfiber Wheel & All Purpose Towel. Use a Concentrate and Dilute to Save Money BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Waterless Wash, Ultimate Waterless Wash Plus+, McKee's 37 Waterless Auto Wash, and Optimum Opti Clean are available in concentrate form! Carefully measure the products and dilute with water to save money. For best results use filtered water. How to use a Waterless Wash: Now that you are familiar with the proper tools for the job, we will cover the proper technique necessary for washing a vehicle without instilling wash-induced swirls in the paint.
  • Make sure your vehicle is cool to the touch.
  • Fold your microfiber towels twice, into quarters, so you have 8 sides to each.
  • Start at the top of the vehicle and work downwards. Save the dirtiest areas, such as the lower door halves, rear bumper, and behind the tires for last.
  • Mist an adequate amount of waterless wash solution onto the panel and allow several moments for the ingredients to encapsulate the dirt.
  • Lightly wipe the surface with your microfiber towel, agitating the solution.
  • Flip the towel to a clean side and buff lightly until the surface is clean.
  • Work one section at a time, in a similar manner. Flip to a clean side of the towel or switch to a fresh towel when your towel becomes soiled.
  • Waterless washes work great on windows, wheels, and door jambs as well.
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