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Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+SAFELY and EASILY cleans all surfaces of your car, truck or SUV without the use of water. No Mess! No Rinsing! No Drying! Less Time Detailing, More Time to ENJOY Life! Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ has been Boosted by PolychargerTM Technology so it refreshes that brilliant just detailed shine. It also adds protection from the harsh elements and harmful UV rays. Special high lubricating agents encapsulate dirt and grime so that it is safely lifted and easily wiped away without scratching. Simply Spray, Wipe Off, and Enjoy the SHINE! It's that EASY! Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Application Instructions Read what Ultima Paint Waterless Wash Plus+ customers have to say! Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Customer Product Reviews


Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Spray, Wipe Walk Away Car Wash Instructions:

Always work in a shaded area on a surface that is cool to the touch. Make sure surface is not gritty with dirt or sand to avoid scratching.

  • Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ is ready to use and no mixing is required.
  • Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+

  • Starting on the upper surfaces first, mist the surface to be cleaned.
  • Fold a clean, dry Ultima AutoSpa Microfiber Buffing Towel into quarters and gently wipe using a back and forth motion.
  • Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+

  • As the Ultima AutoSpa Microfiber Buffing Towel becomes saturated or dirty fold to a clean dry side and replace with a fresh towel as needed.

NOTE: Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ also works great as a detail clay lubricant and a quick detail spray!

Ultima Waterless Wash Customer Product Reviews

I was amazed by the product. I have used Griot's Waterless Wash as well Optima No Rinse (diluted) and the Ultima was truly a step above. I was able to do 2 full size automobiles with less than half a bottle and the results were impressive. It has a pleasant smell and emulsifies the dirt, grime and bugs very quickly. It wipes off easily and leaves a clean and very slick finish. I intentionally put my Volkswagen Jetta out in the rain afterwords and then let it air dry. There was very little water spotting. Again I believe it is because of the slick finish the Ultima leaves on the cars surface.

I am excited about the product and was wondering if you plan to offer it in a concentrate? The advantage being we could mix it ourselves and would avoid having to order multiple bottles. I have some pictures of my 2009 TDI Jetta (white) that I will be sending along shortly.

Best regards,

Jeffrey G.
Suffield, CT

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My experience:

Battling with swirl marks and scratches on my cars paint (black car) all this time I was a little worried about using this waterless product. However, after the first try, and 6 different microfiber towels (small ones) to do the whole job, I was impressed with the results. The car looks great, shiny and no new swirl marks or scratches were found. Moreover, I think this product brings up the shine on the paint better that all other products that I have tried; of course, nobody beats Ultima Paint Guard Plus, but is a close second.

When I did the first wash I noticed I've used almost half the bottle to do the job. Though, on the second wash, I ended up using a little over quarter of the bottle. Either way the car came out great. No streaks, no swirl marks, no scratches and easy to use. I actually couldn't find anything wrong with the product other than now I am addicted to it.

I had always believed in old school car wash; water and soap. However, after trying your waterless wash product I can tell you I will be buying this stuff to wash my car from now on.

Thank you for the opportunity you guys gave us to try this great product. Keep up the good work.


Nelson P.
Sanford, FL

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The first thing you notice about this particular product is the smell. It's grapefruit scent, if my nose and senses doesn't deceive me and very pleasant. If you're going to be working with a detailing product for a lengthy period of time, it better smell good in the first place!

I had the car detailed a couple of days ago so after driving around between work and back during this period, I decided that it was a good test for the Waterless Wash to evaluate a couple of things: usage and effectiveness.

The first thing you notice when applying the product is that it mists quite well and stays on the surface. This gives the perception that the surface tension is just right and allows you to focus on the area you're cleaning. Some other products tend to bunch up when misting onto a surface. I have used Optimum No Rinse in a diluted mix of about 10 parts water to 1 part product in a similar fashion to a quick detailer (like Meguiar's) and that tends to bead up and roll off the surface quickly. This causes you to have to work the area quite fast, which for a slow hand like me, isn't a plus. The other thing that seems more obvious is the cleaning properties of this vs. Meguiar's QD. It doesn't take a repeated application of Waterless Wash (as a quick detailer) to get the paint surface looking clean. It used to take a second pass most of the time with Meguiar's, and I still like it as an OTC product because it's widely available. The Waterless Wash just takes less product and has the same effectiveness to get similar results. And, comparing 2 areas where I used Meguiar's QD and the Waterless Wash, it just seems like the area that I quick detailed with the Waterless Wash "pops" a little more than usual. It might be old eyes but I could swear that it was doing something like renewing the polymer protectants of the Ultima PGP I have on the surface of the car.

Wipe on and wipe off is about as easy as it gets. Buffing out the product causes slight streaking if your towel is wet with product but that goes away in about 5 seconds after drying. The finish is clean and very similar to the ease of use of the Ultima PGP, which I absolutely love applying after putting on a coat of Klasse SG, which I have been using for many many years on my last 3 cars. The Waterless Wash, with Polycharger, is probably very effective when used against a car that has been detailed and finished with Klasse SG and Ultima PGP on top of that.

I have yet to use this in a true waterless car wash method but plan to do so after the current period of rain we're experiencing in Northern California. I also can picture using this as a clay lubricant, although I'd be hesitant on using something more expensive for that when the OTC quick detailer products will do just fine for that purpose.

You have a very good product on your hands though in the limited use I have had on this. I'll update you with a review on the additional uses I plan to put this product through its paces with.

For reference, my car is an Audi A3, with the typical hard paint that Audi's are known for.

Dave K.
San Francisco, CA

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