Ultima Waterless Wash Plus Concentrate

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Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Just 1/2 Ounce Makes 22 Ounces Ready To Use Spray Wash

Just 1 Ounce Make 3 Gallons of No Rinse Car Wash Solution

Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate is a hyper-concentrate that can be used to make the Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ spray wash formula or as a no rinse car wash solution in bucket. Either way, Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ will not only meet your expectations, it will exceed them in both cleaning ability and gloss enhancement!

Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ QUICKLY and SAFELY cleans painted surfaces, chrome, plastic, glass and wheels without the use of water. No hoses! No rinsing! No drying!

  • Clear coated surfaces
  • Painted surfaces
  • Chrome surfaces
  • Plastic & glass surfaces
  • Wheels
  • Interior
WATERLESS DIRECTIONS: Open and squeeze container until holding chamber reaches 1/2 oz. marker. Pour contents into Ultima Waterless Wash Plus mixing spray bottle (or 22oz-24oz spray bottle. Fill mixing bottle with water and shake well. Then simply spray the vehicle and use a soft microfiber towel to wipe in a back and forth motion. Refold and replace the towel as needed. Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate can also be used as a quality quick detailer and clay lubricant!

RINSELESS DIRECTIONS: Dilute 1 fl. oz. with three gallons of water in a bucket. Soak a soft, folded microfiber towel in the solution, wring it out lightly, and then wipe in a back and forth motion over the vehicle, starting at the top. Work in 2 x2 sq. ft. sections and wipe each cleaned area dry with a second microfiber towel.

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By Bob
Shoreview, Minnesota
Great Value
September 7, 2014
I've tried several waterless washes but kep coming back to ultima because it is the best value and the performance is on par with others.

Lifts & suspends dirt very well. I use this prior to a rinseless wash and the difference in the feel of the paint when performing the wash is night and day. the wash media glides over the paint rather than feeling every last speck of dirt grinding against the paint.

Smells like key lime. I'll even use this for an interior wipedown for minor soiling. Leaves a great finish and is very cost effective.
smells great effective Odd dilution ratio
By Tacket
One of the best products out there
September 6, 2014
This product is amazing with tons of uses - waterless wash, rinseless wash, quick detailer, clay lube, pad prep, etc. It goes on streak free and comes off just as easily. The bottle comes with a handy built in measuring spout which is an added bonus. My car always looks great and glossy when using this as a drying aid too (as you can see in the pictures below). I use this stuff so much I've just been adding it straight to gallon jugs of DI water I get from the grocery store. I really can't say enough good things about this product!
- Streak free - Smells great (lime) - Multiple uses - Measuring bottle - Very economical! - Wish is came in a 32oz size with the measuring bottle
By Javier
June 23, 2020
Shoot to kill buy the gallon and save! This thing is a great product!
123 clean, simple
By Pete
Elmwood Park, NJ
good job..
March 17, 2019
...making surface slick during waterless cleaning. Still need to try to use it under the hood.
not much needed to get 0.5 liter of cleaning solutin.
North Tustin, Ca
Ultima WW+ is a Category Leader
January 14, 2018
I watched a YouTube review of UWW+ and I was impressed by the shine and gloss of the product. I just received my first bottle of the product, and the results are excellent. The product smells great, and I only used .75 Oz. in two gallons of water to wash my car. The end result is at least as good as ONR Wash and Wax. Highly recommended...
Gloss Shine Price` None as of yet..
By Jason
springfield, VA
One of the best
October 10, 2017
I've used UWW+ for a while and I always love using it. Slickness is great and cleans extremely well, also adds a boost to your current LSP. This is my go to 99% of the time. A single bottle will last you a while as well.
By Ca7man
Great clay lubricant!
November 26, 2016
I primarily use it as lubricant and it works very well
SW Florida
Sold on waterless after using this product.
July 6, 2016
ONR seriously forever changed the way I wash cars. The waterless / rinseless polymer technology is legit. It simply works! That being said, after going through my bottle on ONR for rinseless washes, I had the itch to try something else. Along came this product. All I can say is WOW. I don't know what is in this stuff, but it is just better even than ONR. I also have Wolfgang Uber and prefer this Ultima. It smells like a key lime pie (yum!), picks up every drop of dirt on the car, requires very little buffing, doesn't streak/smear even in humid Florida summer, and leaves a nice shine. Try it, you'll love it too.
Smells like key lime pie, doesn't streak or smear even in high humidity, leaves a nice shine, works as rinseless or waterless or detail spray. None.
By Toru
Must Own Versatile Product
April 21, 2016
Where do I even start...
This product replaces the following for me:
Waterless wash
Rinseless wash
Clay lube
Quick detailer
Interior detailer
Glass cleaner

All the above with a high dilution ratio save cost and streamline the detail cabinet.
At first I was hesitant to jump on the waterless wash wagon with doubts on the ability to clean the paint without damage. Those doubts are no more. I have used this on my daily driven car coated with CQUARTZ for 1 full year of nothing but waterless washes with no marring introduced into the paint even when inspected with my swirl light. That being said technique is important when performing any waterless wash (look up Gary Dean wash method).
Dilution ratio Multitude of uses (see above) Ability to wash anywhere Need a 64oz bottle in between the 16oz and gallon size
By Joe
Central, CT
Fantastic Product!
January 8, 2016
This is one of the best products I've used in my 30+ years of auto detailing. I've used it as a waterless wash and quick detailer with fantastic results. Cleans great and leaves a very glossy finish. It's so good as a QD I don't think I'll be buying a dedicated QD anytime soon.
Multi purpose, Easy to use, Excellent value
By Frank
Works great.
January 2, 2016
Currently living in a situation where access to a water hose is limited. This product is the perfect answer. Easy to mix with the built in dispenser. The product cleans great. Cleans even heavily soiled areas such as wheels without issues. Highly recommended.
By Don
Willaimson, NY
Awesome rinse less wash, clay lube, and waterless wash
November 3, 2015
Until I started using Meguiars D114 this was my absolute favorite rinse less wash. I still prefer the smell of this over 114 and it performs just as well but is a bit more costly than 114 is the only reason really.
Works awesome as rinse less Works great as a water less and clay lube Great smell Slick feeling Good cleaning ability Price would be the only negative but not a huge one. Good value still
By Trent W.
Ultima H20less Wash Plus+ Changed My Life
November 15, 2014
Best ever spray wash!
Price, ease of use, and excellent results. Ummmm...nothing.
By EVOlved
Great multi purpose product!
September 8, 2014
Ultima Waterless Wash + or UWW+ as it is referred to commonly is one of if not the best multi purpose product on the market (it's only competition in my eyes is ONR). If your afraid of waterless washes marring your paint like I was, this is the product that will change your mind, it is also a great rinseless wash. It smells nice kind of like a lime, definitely not overbearing and I enjoy it. In rinseless form it is a lower dilution than ONR at 1 oz to 3 gallons water (compared to 1 oz to 2 gallons of ONR). I think it excels in both of those forms just a shade above ONR. So I give UWW+ the nod in rinseless and waterless form over ONR, mainly thanks to its lubricity. I believe ONR beats it slightly for clay lube and interior use. All in all both are must haves. UWW+ does leave a little protection behind thanks to polycharger but I find it doesn't interfere much.
Multi purpose Smell Lubricity I can't drink it?
By Shane
Canton, MI
Great product, many uses
September 6, 2014
I bought one bottle of this and used it for a couple rinseless washes as well as a clay lube. It didn't disappoint. And the best part is I just saved the bottle for other products for easy measuring!
Great bottle to keep even after the product is gone
By Matt M.
New Jersey
Great Waterless Wash
September 6, 2014
UWW+ is ultra concentrated and makes a great waterless wash. It also lays down decent protection. A very effective and economical product. Also works great as a rinseless wash but it is not economical for that.
Great product with a variety of uses
March 11, 2014
I have used this product as a waterless wash, clay bar alternative lubricant (NanoSkin sponge and mitt), glass cleaner, and for cleaning various shiny surfaces in vehicle interiors. Basically, if it's supposed to be shiny and isn't, THIS STUFF is the fix!

I use this product before reapplication of polymer based sealants (eg. BFWD), and it think it gets the surface clean and primed for a fresh coat.

I haven't used it on any TRULY filthy cars, but that's not what it's for - it's GREAT at getting that layer of grime that occurs after driving a car in the rain, or on roads that have recently been rained on. It also removes dust and smudges with ease, and I don't really use any dedicated "quick detailers" much any more. This is just SO MUCH more cost-effective!

3 ounces makes 135 total ounces of product, just over a gallon. What I usually do is buy a gallon of distilled water for like a buck, pour out a splash, and add 3 oz of UWW+ concentrate. Shake, and you have a gallon of ready-to-use product. Total cost - about $6!

AND it smells like lime/key lime pie!
Cost effective Slicks up the paint Multiple uses EASY to use It's not free?
By mike
September 14, 2012
I'm using this as a detail spray it has exceeded my expectations
By embolism
you won't be disappointed
April 19, 2012
Haven't tried ONR v3 yet but this beats v2 and DPRW&G hands down as a rinseless. On my black car, I noticed the difference right away and the car seemed to stay cleaner longer. I also like the fact that 1oz makes 3 gallons of rinseless as opposed to 2 gallons using ONR. That extra gallon means I don't have to fight to get the last bit of rinseless under my grit guard. I guess I could make 3 gallons using ONR but then I'd need 1.5 oz and I'm cheap! haha
excellent value works better than anything I've tried thus far smells awesome I can't drink it
By Michael
Round Rock, TX
Best Waterless Wash?
April 18, 2012
Maybe. It cleans well, leaves an excellent finish without marring, offers some protection and is the most cost effective product of its kind.
Cleans well Safe Great finish Best $/RTU oz of any waterless
By Jeff
Nice product
April 18, 2012
I use this to remove light dust, bugs, and bird poo. It works very well and leaves the surface very slick. I havent experienced any marring from this product.
Economical Ease of use Shine that is left Price