DP Detailing Products Clay Lubricant - 16 oz.

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Works with natural clay and synthetic clay bar alternatives.

High lubricity content keeps paint safe.

Works on paint, glass, and metal.

Easy to use Ė just spray and clay!

Clay any and all contaminants away!

DP Clay Lubricant is one of the first products needed for a successful detailing job. DP Clay Lubricant helps clay glide smooth across the surface of any paint, glass or metal without causing any damage. DP Clay Lubricant can help extend the life of your detailing clay and it can be refreshing for each use of the clay product. DP Clay Lubricant works with natural clay and the synthetic clay bar alternatives.

GUIDES CLAY! Helps remove contaminants from the surface to provide a smooth glide.
DP Clay Lubricant works help clay glide smoothly over your carís surface. They surface may be a little rough and cause tension on the clay because of the contaminants it is rolling over. But with DP Clay Lubricant, the clay now has the ability to glide seamlessly over the surface and remove any contaminants in its path.

SAFE! Can be used on virtually any exterior surface.
DP Clay Lubricant can be used on paint, glass and metal, so there is no excuse to have contaminants or any reason to have paint marring. DP Clay Lubricant adds that extra lubricity to make that clay really glide. This clay lubricant is safe to use with natural clay or with synthetic clay, a clay towel or a clay mitt.

EASY-TO-USE! Just spray and clay!
Anyone can use it, at any skill level. First, make sure you wash the car of all debris. Then just spray DP Clay Lubricant on the surface you wish to treat and then rub your clay bar/mitt/towel into the surface in any even layer. Now, depending on how contaminated your surface is, you may experience some tension between the surface and the clay. This is to be expected, but as the clay removes the contaminants, it will glide smoother. Buff away and excess product and you are good to move to the next part of the car.


  • Wash the surface of all debris.
  • Spray a liberal amount of DP Clay Lubricant onto the surface to be treated.
  • Using your clay or synthetic clay bar, rub the surface in a smooth, even layer.
  • The clay will grab at first, but this is normal as it is removing surface contaminants.
  • Once the clay glides smoothly, buff away excess lubricant with a clean microfiber towel.
  • Do this same thing all around the car

16 oz.

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