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Waxing just got a Brazilian times better!

DP Detailing Products “The Brazilian" Paste Wax is a hand-poured wax in a class of its own. Crafted using highest quality T1 Brazilian carnauba flakes and enhanced with silicone resins, DP “The Brazilian" Paste Wax will impress even the most conscious wax connoisseur. Once applied, DP “The Brazilian" Paste Wax creates rich, warm glow that embraces every attribute you love about carnauba waxes. The slick surface left behind will protect your paint from any contamination while providing energetic hydrophobics that appear to make water dance on the surface.

PREMIUM QUALITY! “The Brazilian" embraces of aspect of high-quality wax, without the extraordinary price.
DP Detailing Products did not want to just add another carnauba, it wanted to add THE BEST carnauba to the market possible. Harnessing the power of pure T1 Brazilian carnauba flakes and utilizing silicone resins to boost performance, DP “The Brazilian" Paste Wax will create a gloss like no other.

GLOWS! Creates a rich, warm glow that radiates from the surface!
DP “The Brazilian" Paste Wax creates a shine that will make you fall back in love with waxing once again. In the world of high-tech car care, it can be hard to believe a paste wax can satisfy you need for gloss. DP “The Brazilian" Paste Wax creates a warm shine that combines gloss and depth to leave you awestruck.

SLICK! Just one layer of DP “The Brazilian" Paste Wax creates a slick and hydrophobic layer!
Without complex application or extraordinary cost DP “The Brazilian" Paste Wax leaves a slick, glossy surface with impeccable hydrophobic properties. Not only is this appealing to the eye, it helps keep water spots and other environmental contamination from causing damage to your paint.


  • Apply on cool surface and out of direct sunlight.
  • Wash and dry vehicle thoroughly before application.
  • Working one section at a time, use a foam wax applicator to apply an even layer to the surface.
  • Immediately buff off using a clean microfiber buffing towel.
  • No cure time necessary, continue around entire vehicle.

8 oz.

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