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Do things your own way, not your fathers!

Made for the next generation of detailers, DP “Not Your Father's" Paste Wax supplies SiO2 protection which results in a slick, high-gloss shine. DP “Not Your Father's" Paste Wax will last longer than a traditional carnauba wax.

SIO2 PROTECTION! Say hello to hydrophobicity and protection:
DP “Not Your Father's" Paste Wax also makes your car's surface hydrophobic, meaning water drops that fall onto your car will bead up and roll right off the car. This helps keep your car clean as the water drops run off the car with the contaminants they are carrying.

SHINES! Prepare for a shiny, glossy, slick look:
DP “Not Your Father's" Paste Wax brings you SiO2 powers that will give your paint that wet-glossy shine everyone hopes for, the look as though the paint is so sleek that you would just slip right off it. Plus, the colors will really pop with the increase in saturation! The car itself will also be easier to keep clean and it will be more protective against environmental hazards and UV rays. The SiO2 also provides the wax with a reflective glow and an amount of protection greater than any other wax out there.


  • Make sure applying this product on a cool surface and out of direct sunlight.
  • If necessary, wash, dry, clay and polish your vehicle before applying this product.
  • Working one section of the car at a time, apply a thin layer of wax to the surface using a polyfoam applicator.
  • Allow approximately 1 to 3 minutes for wax to flash and haze before buffing away.
  • Once 1-3 minutes has passed, buff away with a clean microfiber towel.
  • Continue to do the same thing around the rest of the car.

NOTE: If the wax appears to be ‘smeary', it is likely that too much wax was applied. In this case, use a coating a prep spray to remove the wax before applying again.

8 oz.

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