CARPRO ReTyre - 500 ml.

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It's time to retire your last tire cleaner.

CARPRO ReTyre Tire & Rubber Cleaner was formulated to change the way you think of tire cleaners. CARPRO ReTyre is specifically designed for cleaning deep in the pores of rubber and removing built up road grime and the antioxidants that cause tire browning, as well as old tire dressings. This leaves you with a clean surface that is ready for application of a coating or a fresh tire dressing. Not only will this ensure a better appearance after the coating or dressing is applied, but it also promotes a better bond for your protectant of choice.

DEEP CLEANS! Hydrogen chemistry and high pH works deep into porous rubber!
CARPRO ReTyre is a powerful cleaner that uses new chemistry to make it easy to clean neglected tires. CARPRO ReTyre uses a unique hydrogen formulation to extract road grime, browning antioxidants, and other contamination from the tire without the hours of scrubbing that many people endure. CARPRO ReTyre will leave you with a natural clean finish on your tires. You may even think they look better than when they were new!

FOAMING! Allows for greater control and cling to prevent dripping and maximize cleaning.
CARPRO ReTyre is a high-foaming formulation that clings to the vertical surface of your tire for maximum impact on contamination. This allows CARPRO ReTyre to do all the heavy lifting in the cleaning process, and ensures you keep the tire cleaner on the tire and not dripping all over! It's also a great indicator for the level of contmatinoation in the tire. The foam will turn brown as it pulls contamination out of the tire. The darker the foam, the more contaminated the tire is. Some cases may require multiple applications to fully clean.

PREPARES! Strips off old dressings and grime for a better bond of your protectant!
Obviously all this cleaning power provides another benefit - better tire protectant performance! Tire contamination plays a big role in how long a tire dressing can last, and how well a tire coating can bond. With tires being a porous surface, it's absolutely critical to have the cleanest surface possible when applying your choice of protectant. CARPRO ReTyre provides industry leading cleaning power with its unique formulation and provides you with a truly clean slate for applying that final touch to your tires!

This is a high pH level cleaner designed to aggressively clean tires. It will strip off dressings and cause premature wear to tire coatings.

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