CARPRO InnerQD - 500 ml.

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Become one with your inner cleaning obsession!

CARPRO InnerQD is the quick solution to keeping your interior free of dirt and germs. Formulated for use on all interior surfaces, CARPRO InnerQD will remove light contamination, fingerprints, and dust while simultaneously providing anti-static and anti-dusting properties. This means that your interior surfaces stay clean. And we mean clean! CARPRO InnerQD utilizes antimicrobial properties to prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. So that means dust and germs donít stand a chance of hitching a ride in your cockpit. CARPRO InnerQD dries to the touch and leaves a clean satin finish that wonít produce glare or make your interior look greasy

ANTI-STATIC! Provides a clean finish that wonít attract dust with a static charge!
Nothing is worse than seeing your freshly cleaned dash get bombarded by dust and lint. Some cleaners create a static cling or a greasy finish that attracts dust and allows it to stick to the surface. CARPRO InnerQD does the opposite. It cleans your interior surfaces and provides an anti-static, anti-dusting layer that can last for up to 4 weeks!

ANTIMICROBIAL! Leaves a truly clean finish that prevents the growth of germs!
If there is anything weíve learned over the last few years itís that visually clean doesnít exactly mean clean. Well, with CARPRO InnerQD you get both. CARPRO InnerQD removes light contamination across your interiorís surface while also killing pathogenic microorganisms and stopping their growth. CARPRO InnerQD can even be used daily for those surfaces that have high traffic!

QUICK CLEAN! Easy to use formulation makes this perfect for maintenance!
When it comes to weekly cleanings you donít need to treat it like it has been in a barn for years. While most cleaners are designed to be thorough and handle any level of contamination you can throw at them, most of the time you donít need that. CARPRO InnerQD balances a moderate level of cleaning power and keeps it simple to use. Simply spray CARPRO InnerQD onto a microfiber towel or applicator and wipe the surface, then buff dry. Thatís it!

16 oz.

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