3D HD Speed 16 oz.

Item Description:

Restore gloss and shine faster with HD Speed!

All-in-one correction glaze

Polishes and protects

Perfect for maintenance polishing

3D has updated the 3D HD Speed bottles with a new label and new waste-reducing cap! It's the same great product you know and love, just a different look!

3D High Definition HD Speed is an all-in-one polish and protection product that will have your vehicle looking shiny and swirl free in no time. This advanced formulation is perfect for removing light swirl marks and imperfections that plague daily drivers. 3D HD Speed polishes and protects in one easy step so you can get back out on the road!

Everyone likes shiny paint, but not everyone has the time for a full 3-step paint correction process. The good news is that, for those with vehicles that only have light to moderate swirl marks, surface scratches, water spots, or other imperfections, an all-in-one product like 3D HD Speed is all youíll need to restore gloss and shine. An all-in-one saves you time and money yet still provides amazing results.

3D HD Speed is ideal for use with the dual action buffer of your choice, but can be applied by hand or with a rotary buffer at lower RPM speeds. It features a long buffing cycle making it easy to use, with less product waste. All-in-one 3D HD Speed makes light defect removal easier than ever.

  1. Always work on a clean, dry surface that is cool to the touch. Working in the shade is best, but the formula is sun-friendly when used properly.
  2. Shake product well and apply 4-5 pea-sized drops to the polishing or finishing pad of your choice.
  3. For dual action polishers, set the speed to medium/high; for rotary polishers set to between 800 and 1000 RPMs.
  4. Work in sections making several section passes until the product is completely worked.
  5. Wipe off any residue with a clean, soft, microfiber towel; flip the towel to a clean side and buff to a high gloss.

16 oz.

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By Lee B.
I'm very satisfied.
June 21, 2021
I feel very good because I bought something that I really wanted to buy.

By Josh
Vansant Virginia
3D Speed Impressed Me
May 27, 2021
Picked up 3D Speed on several recommendations from others saying that it was a game changer! Being as how I use 3D Poxy and love it, I couldn't imagine Speed being a flop. It actually impressed me greatly! Went on flawlessly and easy with a orbital buffer and a drill buffer and came off easily with both leaving great results. Also went on and wiped off easily with a foam applicator and micro fiber towels an buffed to a great shine with a heavy nap microfiber buffing towel. Left behind no real residue and didn't leave phantom prints or streaks. While it didn't correct ALL of the swirl marks on the test subject, it did however correct 75% of them and left a stellar shine as it seems to break down into a polish at the end. It can easily be used as a 1step paint correction leaving you room to make big profits and cut out 2 steps of the work. You can also use it as the 2nd or 3rd step in a full correction. I hit the hood panel with 2 applications of Speed followed by 1 coat of Poxy and had unbelievable results. Don't hesitate to pick up a bottle of speed, it will stay in your go to cart full time.
  • Easy on
  • Easy off
  • Effortless removal
  • Great smell
  • Leaves an unbelievable shine
  • Can be used as a stand alone or one step or a step in a full correction
  • Doesn't remove all swirls
By Jonathan
Buy it. You won’t be sorry
August 24, 2019
Everything you read about this stuff is true. It does what is says it does very well. It corrects and polishes better than any other all in one out there
By David
Glen Ellyn, IL
Easily one of the best!
March 18, 2019
I love HD Speed, seems like it can cut like a compound but leave a perfectly finished surface. Offers a lot of correction power with an LC orange pad or a little less cut but highly refined surface with an LC white pad. If youíre thinking of using it stop thinking and buy it!!
  • Price
  • Smell
  • Cut and finish
  • Easy to use
  • Use with orange or white pads and get great results
  • Protection is short lived
By Douglas
Kinderhook New York
October 7, 2018
Take your time ti works using a da buffer my silverado hightcountry looks better then new
  • Great shine and comes off nicely
  • Did wife‚?‚??"?s car
By Mark
Cap Broke
August 26, 2017
Go back to the old pop up cap, 16oz bottle fell two feet new cap broke right off, totally useless.
  • Great product, horrible new cap.
  • Go back to the old pop up cap, 16oz bottle fell two feet new cap broke right off, totally useless.
By Morgan
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
February 6, 2017
This product is so good it should be in a category of its own. Easy to work with, zero dusting, removes defects with minimal effort with the Flex 3401 and an orange Hybrid pad.
  • Easy to work with, fast results, price
  • None
By Madcow
Nor Cal
Best All in One
March 27, 2016
This is probably the best all in one product out there. I was pretty skeptical when I tried this. I ended up using this to correct a black Limo in direct sunlight using my Rupes 15 and an Orange Lake Country CCS pad. The results were pretty amazing. It got rid of years of built up road grime, water spots, minor swirls and left behind a slick glassy shine.

It didn't get rid of some of the deeper swirls and scratches, but I wasn't expecting it to. I am actually impressed with how much correction power it had considering it's an All in One.
  • -Good swirl removal
  • -Smells pleasant
  • -Cuts detailing times n half or more
  • -Easy to use even in the sun
  • -Pain to clean the polishing pad afterwords (I assume because the hydrophobic properties of the wax)
By Joe
Central, CT
Awesome All In One
March 2, 2016
I tried HD Speed to see what all the hype was about. Well everything you've read about it is true. It's super user friendly with excellent correction ability. Can't comment on longevity as I did top it with HD Poxy. The results are very impressive for a product that's so easy to use.
  • Ease of use, Price
December 21, 2015
Best AIO period
  • easy to work with and comes off easier than Menzerna 3 n 1
By Miguel
Spring, TX
Awesome Product.
October 19, 2015
This AIO is definitely worth checking out and it is very user friendly.I am able to work around the entire vehicle without having to wipe product off after each panel. The level of correction and cleaning is very impressive and it is now my go to AIO for those 1-Step Machine Polishing jobs!
  • -Smells great
  • -Long work time with barely any dusting
  • -Not much product needed for each work section
  • -GREAT value for the price.
  • -None
By Shane
Canton, MI
This stuff delivers!
August 23, 2015
I've had the opportunity to use this stuff quite a bit this summer and am always impressed by the results I get. Awesome correction ability when paired with a Rupes 21 w/ a cutting pad. And leaves behind a great finish that's very slick. I also work primarily in direct sunlight and even on black this product wipes off effortlessly. This is my goto AIO and i don't know if it'll ever get replaced
  • Great correction
  • beautiful slick finish
  • sun friendly even on black