3D HD Poxy - 16 oz.

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3D High Definition HD Poxy is a long-lasting hybrid paint sealant that contains Montan wax. This remarkable formula creates amazing levels of depth, gloss, and shine, especially on black or dark colored vehicles. 3D HD Poxy seals in the shine creating results that last longer than traditional carnauba waxes. Black paint—or any dark color of paint—is gorgeous after a professional-level polish but that won't last if it's not protected! 3D HD Poxy provides a solution for locking in shine and adding a layer of protection to paint. Not only will it seal and protect, it will also take that shine to a deeper level creating an incredibly wet look. 3D HD Poxy blankets your vehicle with a layer of protection that stands up to the elements. With a melting point of 203°F, Montan wax is far more durable than carnauba, which melts at 187°F. Combined with high-tech paint sealant technology, Montan wax is unstoppable! Water spots, bird droppings, acid rain, and other airborne contaminants can wreak havoc on paint—especially dark colors! 3D HD Poxy locks out the contaminants so you can sit back and enjoy the shine! 16 oz.
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