3D Express Wax 16 oz.

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3D Express Wax is a spray-on, wipe-off Montan wax that leaves a high-gloss finish on paint, regardless of color. Perfect to keep in your car for those times you need quick wax, 3D Express Wax can be used in its traditional capacity as a spray wax or for those times you need a quick de-dusting with a quick detailer. Have some insect remains you need to remove asap? 3D Express Wax can even be used as a waterless wash in a pinch! Use 3D Express Wax for FAST paint touch-ups! 3D Express Wax features: • Montan Wax – Montan wax is a heavy duty, heat-resistant wax perfect for extended protection. When combined with enhanced polymers (which is the safe with 3D Express Wax), the durability and shine are unparalleled! • Versatility – 3D Express Wax, thanks to its unique formula make-up, can be used in a variety of different ways. Spray wax, quick detailer, waterless wash, insect remover, etc.! Directions for use:
Simply aim, spray, and wipe away! 16 oz.
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