3D Universal Protectant

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Super-thick, long-lasting dressing for both interior and exterior surfaces!

Restores, protects, and enhances

Glossy shine

Repels dust and dirt

3D Universal Protectant is an advanced rubber, vinyl, and plastic dressing designed to restore faded pieces, protect against further degradation, and provide a nice glossy finish. Perfect for use on both interior and exterior surfaces 3D Universal Protectant wipes away clean and will not leave a sticky, gross mess behind just a clean, dressed, and glossy appearance!

3D Universal Protectant features:
• Multi-Surface Application 3D Universal Protectant uses an advanced formula to restore and protect nearly any surface to which it is applied including rubber, vinyl, plastic, and more!

• Long-Lasting Protection & Restoration 3D Universal Protectant contains restorative properties that will renew the original look of your treated surfaces. These same properties are long-lasting and keep your new glossy finish riding for a while!

Directions for use:
• Apply 3D Universal Protectant onto a microfiber or foam applicator pad and apply to the surface to be treated.
• Using a clean and dry microfiber towel, buff off any excess product.

16 oz.

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