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Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special
Item #:PIN-550-K
Regular Price:$39.99
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Product Description

Includes everything you need to achieve smooth paint!

Removes above surface contaminants

Pliable and easy to use

Clear coat safe

Two times the slickness and shine on paintwork, glass, metal and fiberglass!

Get TWO 4 oz. bars (that’s 8 oz. total!) of Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay to experience the glassy look and feel twice as often or on twice as many vehicles!

Pinnacle’s Ultra Poly Clay is the single finest clay composition available today. Ultra Poly Clay is substantially finer than our original Poly Clay, while maintaining all of its advantages. With this ultra fine clay, you can maintain a totally clean, sleek finish everyday. We’re calling it “enthusiast grade” for perfectionists who want that just-clayed finish all the time!

EIGHT full ounces of the amazing Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay are available at a special value in the Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special! This premium, fine grade clay creates a silky smooth, truly clean shine and it doesn’t remove wax on well-maintained finishes. Now you can enjoy twice the slickness and twice the shine with two 4 oz. bars of this unique clay, available only from Pinnacle Natural Brilliance.

The Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special contains:

2 – 4 oz. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Bars
This new ultra fine grade of clay removes paint contamination and is recommended for frequent use. Use Ultra Poly Clay as often as needed to maintain a slick, smooth finish. This is an ultra safe, nonabrasive grade of clay that works on all types of paint, glass, and chrome. Use Pinnacle Clay Lubricant to provide excellent lubrication and surface protection as you clay.

2 Cobra Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches
The Cobra Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towel is made of incredibly soft and plush microfiber in a handy 16 x 16 inch size. It's perfect for quick detailing and pampers every surface it touches. The Cobra Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towel measures 16 x 16 inches and features an outstanding 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide. The microfiber’s weight is 380 g/m², making one very soft, thick towel! It's perfect for buffing.

16 oz. Pinnacle Clay Lubricant
Pinnacle Clay Lubricant creates a slick barrier between the paint and the clay cleaning material. The high lubricity formula prevents loosened contamination from scratching delicate clear coat finishes yet it will not break down or degrade the integrity of the clay. The lubricant can also be used to remove any clay residue from the vehicle with the help of a microfiber towel.

Imagine being able to clay your vehicle monthly or even weekly without any fear of abrading the finish or dulling the shine. It is possible with Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay!

Enjoy the mirror-like finish twice as often with the Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special!

  • Wash your vehicle before claying. You do not have to dry it.
  • Mist a small section, approximately 2 square feet, with Pinnacle Clay Lubricant.
  • Rub a Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay bar back and forth across the wet area using very little pressure. It will grab initially; this is the clay grabbing contaminants that protrude above the paint surface. Continue to rub until the bar glides freely.
  • Once the clay glides smoothly across the paint, it’s clean. Use a microfiber towel to wipe off any remaining lubricant and clay residue.
  • Keep any eye on the condition of the clay bar. If it appears soiled, reshape the clay to reveal a clean portion before using it on the next section. If you drop the clay bar on the ground, discard it.
  • To store the clay, mist it with Pinnacle Clay Lubricant and wrap it in a plastic bag. Store it in the original plastic storage case.

Kit includes:
2 - 4 oz. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay
16 oz. Pinnacle Clay Lubricant
2 Cobra Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towels, 16 x 16 inches

A total retail value of $71.95, you save $31.96!

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