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Wurth Clean Prep

Item #W-8909380
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Item Description:

Wurth's powerful cleaner and solvent!

Remove wax, tar, gum, grease, over-spray, oil, and silicone with ease.

Will not leave a film residue behind.

Safe for paint, metal, vinyl, and fabric.

Wurth Clean Prep is a fast acting cleaner and solvent that will quickly remove wax, tar, gum, grease, paint over-spray, adhesive, oil, and silicone. Wurth Clean Prep can be used on a variety of surfaces including: base coat, clear coat, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, glass, fabrics, vinyls, and even carpeting. Wurth Clean Prep does not leave any film.

For Best Results: Test Wurth Clean Prep on a small, unobvious section of the painted or dyed surface prior to use to determine the effect on the finish. Saturate a soft clean cloth like Microfiber or cotton detail towel with Wurth Clean Prep, then lightly rub area to be cleaned. Wipe off and repeat if necessary. Finally wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

15.7 oz. aerosol

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air. This item is shipped by Ground only.

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Wurth Clean Prep
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