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Wurth Absobon Cockpit Care 16.9 oz.

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Item Description:

Carnauba wax for your interior!

Made with natural carnauba and Jojoba oil.

Formulated to repel dust.

Protects against sun fade and UV exposure.

Wurth Absobon Cockpit Care is formulated with natural carnauba wax and Jojoba oils help plastics retain their elasticity and protects them against sun fade. Wurth Absobon Cockpit Care prevents drying and brittleness. Your interior will smell great and stay cleaner longer with Wurth's amazing dust-repellent formula. Wurth Absobon Cockpit Care protects and beautifies in one step.

Apply Wurth Absobon Cockpit Care to all interior plastics. To avoid over spray, spray the applicator and wipe over surfaces. It isn't sticky or shiny. It looks natural, rich, and clean - just what a well-detailed interior should look like.

16.9 oz.

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Wurth Absobon Cockpit Care 16.9 oz.