Ultima Paint Prep Plus and Applicator

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Ultima Paint Prep Plus Polishes Paint to a High Gloss
Ultima Paint Prep Plus can be applied by hand or machine.


Ultima Paint Prep Plus is a fine, non-abrasive polish that deep cleans paint, smoothes away swirl marks, water spots and fine surface scratches, and increases over-all paint gloss. As it cleans and polishes, Ultima Paint Prep Plus leaves behind a special primer designed to promote proper bonding of Ultima Paint Guard Plus paint protection. Using Ultima Paint Polish Plus greatly enhances and extends the life of Ultima Paint Guard Plus.

Ultima Paint Prep Plus is a versatile paint polish specially engineered for modern clear coat paint finishes. Apply Ultima Paint Prep Plus by hand or polisher; both methods are quick and easy. When swirl marks and other blemishes are present, application by electric polisher is highly recommended. If heavy damage is present, such as acid rain etching or scratches, a corrective polish may be necessary.

Directions for use:

  • Use included foam polishing pad to apply
  • Apply to one panel at a time.
  • Work in thoroughly until only a light film remains.
  • Allow film to dry to a haze.
  • Buff off with a soft polishing towel or a microfiber bonnet.
  • Repeat if necessary to remove stubborn swirl marks or water spots.

12 oz. - Includes applicator.


Does Ultima Paint Prep Plus remove swirl marks?
Absolutely!  Ultima Paint Prep Plus is an effective treatment for fine swirl marks, oxidation and a dull lifeless paint finish.  However, Ultima Paint Prep Plus is not a corrective paint  polish.  That means it is not designed to remove heavy paint damage, including water spot etching, heavy swirl marks or scratches.  For this type of problem you need Ultima Swirl Mark Remover or a fine cut rubbing compound.

Can Ultima Paint Prep Plus be applied by machine?
Yes.  In fact the best results will be achieved by machine using a foam pad designed for removing swirl marks.  We recommend a dual-action car polisher, such as the Ultimate Detailing Machine by Porter Cable 7424.  Apply the polish at medium speed with moderate pressure.

How often should I use Ultima Paint Prep Plus?
We recommend polishing twice a year to keep paint in excellent condition.  Ultima Paint Guard Plus is gentle enough to use frequently if you are maintaining a show car.

Ultima Paint Prep Plus its difficult to wipe off.  Is this normal?
No!  When used correctly, this fine polish is very easy to apply and wipe off.  Difficulty buffing off generally means you applied too much product or you did not rub it in well enough.  When the polish has done its job, you will have a fine film remaining that should towel off easily.  Be sure to treat one area at a time.  If you are having difficulty wiping off an area, a quick spray with Ultima Detail Spray will help.

Can Ultima Paint Prep Plus be used on polish my trim and plastic surfaces?
No, Ultima Paint Prep Plus is not designed to be used on these surfaces.

Will Ultima Paint Prep Plus remove my coating of Ultima Paint Guard Plus paint sealant?
Yes! The very fine abrasives (polish) in Ultima Paint Prep Plus will effectively remove all waxes and paint sealant coatings.

How many uses will I get from a single bottle?
Most cars require two to three ounces per application.  If your car has swirl marks or dull, oxidized paint, it will require more.  Large SUVs, truck and vans also require more product.  On average, a single bottle is enough product to properly care for your vehicle for a full year.


Use Sparingly: Ultima Paint Prep Plus can be used sparingly. About two to three ounces of product is all that's needed to polish most cars.

Preparation: You will achieve the best results with Ultima Paint Prep Plus if your vehicle is clean and completely dry. Thoroughly wash and dry all surfaces. If bonded contamination is present, deep clean your vehicle's paint with the Ultima Elastrofoam System.  Park you car in a shaded area and allow to cool before application.

Hand Application: Dispense 3-4 dabs of polish on orange side of an Ultima Dual-Foam Exterior Applicator and rub it into you paint.  If removing swirl marks or visible oxidation, rub briskly.  If you paint is in good condition, there's no need to rub heavily.  Apply to one panel at a time.  As needed, apply more polish to the applicator.  Rub until only a fine film remains.  Buff off with a microfiber buffing towel to a brilliant shine. 

Machine Application: Dispense about 3-4 pea size dabs around the center of a 5" to 6" foam "swirl remover" pad.  Adjust polished speed to the mid-range setting and place the pad on your vehicle's surface.  Apply firm pressure then switch on the polisher.  After distributing polish on the panel, let up on the pressure and work in well.  Run the machine until only a fine film remains.   Buff off with a microfiber buffing towel to a brilliant shine. 

Frequency of Use: Ultima Paint Prep Plus is a very gentle polish.  Use twice a year as a pre-treatment prior to applying Ultima Paint Guard Plus.

More Shine:  If your goal is the wettest-looking, deepest, clearest, most distortion-free finish you can imagine, after removing swirl marks and oxidation, Ultima Paint Prep Plus can be applied by machine with a soft foam  "finishing pad" to achieve show car quality results.   

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Additional Information

Non-Abrasive Premium Paint Polish That Effortlessly Restores Paint Gloss,Color and Depth to Showroom Condition!
Deep cleans and polishes away swirl marks and water spots.
Boosted by Polycharger Enhancing Overall Gloss,Depth of Shine and Brightness.
Promotes proper bonding of Paint Guard Plus for longer-lasting protection.
Ultima Paint Prep Plus and Applicator
Ultima Paint Prep Plus and Applicator - Ultima Paint Prep Plus can be applied by hand or machine.   Ultima Paint Prep Plus is a fine,non-abrasive polish that deep cleans paint,smoothes away swirl marks,water spots and fine surface scratch
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