Ultima Paint Guard Plus

Item Description:

Time Saving Wipe-On, Walk-Away Polymer Sealant Coating that Shines & Protects for Months!

Applies in less than 10 minutes. Simply wipe-on and walk-away.

Produces a radiant show car shine that turns heads.

Guaranteed to outlast and outshine all other car wax products.

Ultima Paint Guard Plus, containing Polycharger Wax Booster technology, is the longest lasting, clearest and easiest paint protection you can apply to your car. This product takes about ten minutes to apply to a clean, dry vehicle. Simply wipe on and walk away. No buffing required.

Ordinary waxes and paint sealants easily wash off in a matter of weeks, but Ultima Paint Guard Plus continues protecting, beading water and shining for months. No other car wax product resists detergents, pollution, hard water spotting, road salts, insect remains, bird droppings and acid rain as well as Ultima Paint Guard Plus. The results are guaranteed.

Ultima Paint Guard Plus is a hyper-concentrated formula. When used as directed, a single 4 ounce bottle is enough product to coat a mid-size vehicle up to 20 times. Our super durable formula protects for months, but you may apply it as frequently as you like.

4 ounce bottle with micro-fine sprayer. Includes 4" by 6" by 2" microfiber applicator. Patent Pending.

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By gerald
August 26, 2019
All around exterior protection
Been using Ultima Paint Guard Plus for several years on three different cars. This product is the quickest and safe to use on all exterior vehicle surfaces except tires of course. Once vehicle is clean and dry apply easily and unbelievably fast with no buffing required. A small bottle is enough for many applications and once I tried it I was sold and unless and until I find a better product it'll be my go to for that wax job that used to so much fun in my 20's but as I grew older became less fun but still necessary. If one is concerned about the investment you're protecting this is what I would recommend to anyone to try and you too may be a convert.
ProsFast application No buffing lasts longer than most conventional waxes very cost effective
ConsHaven't found any yet.
philadelphia, pa.
August 27, 2015
By Bob
May 9, 2015
best car coating hands down
i have used Ultima for several years on all of my family's cars it does everything the claims say. Given how far a bottle goes its an amazing value and product. If you like to have a nice appearance on your vehicles do yourself a favor and use this product. I have also used this on my boat and it works well. You need to wet sand the fiberglass with 600 then apply, fantastic results
Prosease of application value long term results beautiful finish
By Steve
May 28, 2014
No miracle product
Having read the reviews I guess I was expecting more from the product in terms of durability. The product applies very easily as advertised, and provides a smooth feel to the surface though it doesn't have the depth that a wax provides, no surprises here, however I found that the smooth feel of the surface and the beading or water on the paint only lasted about 1 week with no washing and only a few rain showers. This was the case on all 3 of the vehicles that I applied it to. Additionally the black plastic and metal surfaces only looked good for about 1 hour after applying the sealant and then went back to the dull look(factory gloss, not matte finish). One last comment is that for the day or so after applying, due to a slightly oily feel, dust and dirt sticks to the surface.
ProsGoes on super easily
ConsShine lasts only about 1 week Slight oily feeling for first day that collects dust and dirt. Doesn't create lasting shine on painted surfaces
By Blake
Prattville, AL
May 26, 2014
Awesome product; but be sure to clay beforehand!
If you do not clay before hand, it will not last past the first rain. However, on a properly prepared vehicle, it is awesome! Just not something to use on a budget wash/wax job.
ProsAwesome shine Super easy
By Stone
May 14, 2014
Easiest and Best Protection!
I have been using Ultra Paint Guard Plus since 2010. It is the best coating I have ever put on a car! It offers the best in sealing the car from the elements. The water repellency is second to none. In rainy weather it will actually help keep your car cleaner because the grit and grime falls off the car with the water, it doesn't have time to dry on the surface. I use three coats applied at 8 hour intervals. You can tell how well it works when you drop a cloth on the hood and it slides to the front of the vehicle, showing very little resistance between the paint finish and the cloth. The price seems high for 4oz of product but this stuff will last forever if applied as instructed. Your car will definitely turn heads, by the time the third coat is applied the car takes on a deep mirror finish. I've had more compliments on my vehicles since using UPGP. Extremely easy to apply! Thanks Autopia for offering one of the best paint protectors on the market!!!
ProsWater repellency Ability to keep car cleaner Mirror finish Protection Ability to use on any exterior surface, paint, metal, plastic Extremely easy to apply Long lasting
By Dennis
Grapevine, Texas
March 13, 2014
Love it
Been using Ultima paint guard for several years on my 2001 Z8 and my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire. Extremely pleased with the results, its ease of use. Just wipe is on and walk away. I clay the vehicle first then use Ultima paint prep plus followed by the Paint Guard Plus.
ProsEase of use and lasting qualities.
ConsBe careful to follow instructions, it takes very little to accomplish the job.
By gordon
Las Vegas
March 6, 2014
perfect finish
I am very demanding when it comes to my sports car. This is the easiest product I have ever used and the paint feels silky smooth. I don't get her wet often, but the water ran off and beaded up nicely
ProsEasy to use, looks great
By Mike
Sonoma, CA
December 2, 2013
good product
Used it several times with good results. Does not protect and bead up as long as stated, but what product does? The marketplace is full of overpromising claims, this is better than most. I would purchase more from Autopia, but since they left California and became corporate, shipping charges are too high.
Prosease of application, fairly long life
ConsDoes not last as long as stated
By Vern
Rapid City, SD.
July 20, 2013
Rain Just Rolled Away
Ultima Paint Guard Plus is an amazing product. I have put two coats on my new 2014 Mustang GT and the paint just gets glossier and smoother with each application. I plan to put three coats on. Usually needs a light going over with a microfiber towel to get those faint streaks where the pad is going around an area where straight line application isn't possible. It actually began to rain lightly as I was doing a light buff and it was amazing to watch hundreds of little droplets just roll off the car and no drying was necessary like it hadn't even rained. I even have given the glass two coats. I think it will give excellent protection for a good long time.
ProsVery easy to apply and with a light buff it just gleems.
ConsNothing so far. But endurance will tell the story.
By George M.
Reading Massachusetts
May 28, 2013
Don't waste time and elbow grease BUY THIS!
After trying so many other products that in some cases used multiple polishes and steps I decided to give Ultima Paint Guard Plus a try and have not looked back. Yes I may still clay the car and use a mild paint cleanser but after that I look forward to putting on the finishing touch using this. Does this stuff shine? YES. Does it last? YES! After a New England winter it still beads. My main driver is a G35 and it literally takes me 15 minutes. Enough said.
ProsEasy to use Excellent shine Durability
ConsNot a knock on the product itself but this last bottle I used (bought a couple years ago - 2011) leaked when using the pump.
By Steve
Ocean city Maryland
May 12, 2013
Awesome and so easy to use. Even after a harsh winter, its still beads up
By S G.
Salem Oregon
April 23, 2013
Ultima Paint Guard Plus use
Very impressive! After using the Mcquires # 85 I put this on and no need for several steps of polishes!
ProsVery good product
August 27, 2012
By david
July 18, 2012
Ultimate paint guard
This product is super easy to use and gives a great shine and beading action...Haven't done a side by side comparison yet but early results are highly positve. Hard to imagine an easier to use product..
ProsEase of use shine speed of application
By Dano
Bellevue, WA.
June 20, 2012
Best Ever!
I use this every time I wash - it is so easy and the shine is brilliant!
ProsEasy, fast - uber good results.
By droF
Novi, Michigan
June 16, 2012
Great, easy protection
Just bought my second bottle and have to say this product is the easiest to apply and provides the best protection of any product I have used in over 50 years of being a gearhead - you can't go wrong with it!
ProsEase of application, protection offered and length of coverage.
ConsTakes some attention to ensure complete initial coverage.
By Bill
Bucks County, PA
June 3, 2012
Great Product
I am not a keep-after-the-auto-body guy, I am more disposed to mechanical maintenance. So, I hate waxing cars. This product makes it easy, It separates the deep cleaning from the actual waxing (this product) , making it easier to focus on areas that need attention or to go back and catch a spot that was missed.

I did a Dodge Grand Caravan last summer. It is still beading when it rains almost a year later.
ProsEasy to use. Tough finish, lasts a long time.
ConsNo cleanup instructions. Can detergents be used?
By Troy S.
Dover, Ohio
April 19, 2012
Spray and Buff and walkway
This is super easy to use. Spray on the applicator buff it on and walk away. It's that simple. You can easily apply it in under 15 minutes to an entire car. The look is nice and is is super slick the next morning.
ProsSuper easy to use. Super slick
By Jeff
April 18, 2012
This is probably the best sealant of all that I have used and I have used a lot over the years.
What makes this product the best is the look, durability and its ease of use. It gets an A+ in all those categories. The only problem I ever had with this product is when I over applied and had streaks. Add multiple coats for that awesome candy shell look.
ProsEase of use Durability Price, a little goes a long way.
ConsNone, its really great!
By Mike
March 23, 2012
Pump Bottle
Have used this product for a few years with very good results. Easy to use and can do the whole car within ten minutes.
ProsEasy to use Can go over plastic moldings Last better than paste wax
ConsThe pump bottle has failed two out of the three that I have bought. Told them about it on the last order under comments about the product. It was never acknowledged or was I offered another replacement pump. Hard to find another sprayer that sprays as fine as the original .
By billb
Evansville, IN
March 5, 2012
Easy On!
I applied this stuff to my 2010 Deep Water Pearl Blue Dodge Challenger. It took me about 20 minutes. The product goes on easily. Use as directed, meaning, don't apply too much product. It leaves a beautiful shine. Time will tell how long it lasts. I did put it on over about 4 coats of Black Fire Wet Diamond which I also really like.
ProsEasy on. Quick application.
ConsTime will tell!
By Skip
March 2, 2012
Good stuff
Really brought out the shine. After a week, I applied a coat of carnuba wax for the "depth" and total package. 3 car washes later, it is still holding up.
ProsEase of application
By danny a.
January 25, 2012
ultima paint guard
Very easy to apply. Just put on and walk away like it says. Awesome shine! One bottle lasts a very lomg time
By Fran C.
September 21, 2011
Ultima Paint Guard Plus
On dark colors like maroon, dark blue or black I apply it as directed and after an hour or so rub it down with a microfiber towl for the most awsome and longlasting finish you ever seen.
By Steve H.
August 14, 2011
Stuff is simply a game changer
I bought this after reading a few reviews in the forums as we had just purchased a new Mini Cooper HT - its maroon finish looks simply stunning after 3 years, and I just finished my first 4oz bottle. Yes, you read that right, and I've done my Honda Pilot, Honda Accord, Honda Fit and Mini Cooper with that same bottle. The price is high until you consider that I've done over 25 cars on the same bottle - that's cheap. It also works great on planes. We did an entire Cessna 310 twin and the results stunned the owner/pilot. He turned around and purchased the larger size thinking he needed that much - he'll have it for years as it goes a long ways. I don't normally write reviews but this product does everything it says it would do. And yes finally it will bubble up water beads literally 6 to 7 months after use. I really do recommend this stuff - now I'm off to order a refill that should last me through 2013.
By kishan d.
July 20, 2011
Sir i have buy this item Ultima Paint Guard Plus......
By Fran
June 29, 2011
Ultima Paint Guard Plus
This product is a must for a black clearcoated car. After applying and waiting for an hour I go over the car with a microfiber towel and get the most awsome shine I have ever seen on a car. Water beads like crazy months after.