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Ultima Paint Guard Plus, containing Polycharger Wax Booster technology, is the longest lasting, clearest and easiest paint protection you can apply to your car. This product takes about ten minutes to apply to a clean, dry vehicle. Simply wipe on and walk away. No buffing required.

Ordinary waxes and paint sealants easily wash off in a matter of weeks, but Ultima Paint Guard Plus continues protecting, beading water and shining for months. No other car wax product resists detergents, pollution, hard water spotting, road salts, insect remains, bird droppings and acid rain as well as Ultima Paint Guard Plus. The results are guaranteed.

Ultima Paint Guard Plus is a hyper-concentrated formula. When used as directed, a single 4 ounce bottle is enough product to coat a mid-size vehicle up to 20 times. Our super durable formula protects for months, but you may apply it as frequently as you like.

4 ounce bottle with micro-fine sprayer. Includes 4" by 6" by 2" microfiber applicator. Patent Pending.

Ultima Paint Guard Plus Application Instructions

Use Sparingly: Ultima Paint Guard Plus must be used very sparingly. About 1/4 ounce of product is all that's needed to treat most cars.

Preparation: Best resultswill be achieved with Ultima Guard Plus if the vehicle is clean and completely dry. Thoroughly wash and dry all surfaces. If bonded contamination is present, deep clean the vehicle's paint with the Ultima Elastrofoam System. If swirl marks, water spots or other paint defects exist, polish paint with Ultima Paint Prep Plus before sealing with Ultima Paint Guard Plus.

Application: Start at one corner of the vehicle (e.g., left front fender). Mist the Ultima Microfiber Applicator with Ultima Paint Guard Plus twice (two pumps) to prime the pad with product. Wipe the product in well and finish by wiping in a straight line direction. (This will help to see where product has been applied). When it appears that no more product is being applied to the paint, spray one more shot of product onto the applicator. Do not spray directly on your vehicle. Continue to wipe until the entire vehicle is complete. By the time you get back to where you began, the first couple of panels should already look dry. The entire process should take less than 10 minutes!

Proper Application Note: When applying, the product should not go on looking "wet". Proper application leaves what appears to be an oily film. This film will begin to dry immediately. If too much product is applied, the drying time may increase significantly.

Do Not Buff Off or Wipe! After application, you can sit back and watch as Ultima Paint Guard Plus does its job. When properly applied, the vehicle's paint finish will be very glossy and streak-free in less time than it takes to buff off a traditional car wax product (about 30 minutes). Although you may be tempted to touch and wipe your paint finish... DON'T! If you simply can't keep you hands off the amazing Ultima shine, we recommend that you wait at least a full hour or more before wiping.(why would you wipe???) The longer you wait (up to 12 hours) the better. After 1 hour, you can drive your vehicle. Driving (air friction) will accelerate the cure time.

Applicator Care: Do not use a different type of applicator with Ultima Paint Guard Plus. The large microfiber applicator provided ensures an even, streak-free coating. If the vehicle is clean, the Ultima Microfiber Applicator will not get dirty from use and it will dry soft and odor-free. Store it in a clean, dry location. If the applicator becomes soiled, wash it as you would other microfiber products.

After Care: After treatment with Ultima Paint Guard Plus, your vehicle will be easier than ever to wash and keep clean. Insects, tar, road grime, brake dust, road salt, bird dropping and other hazards are easily washed off with Ultima Paint Guard Wash. We recommend washing weekly with Ultima Paint Guard Wash. When washing is not possible, keep the exterior clean with Ultima Detail Spray.

Frequency of Use: Ultima Paint Guard Plus is the most durable paint sealant product available. While we have tested durability (shine, water beading and slickness) up to a year, proper paint care dictates that 3-4 treatments a year offers the very best protection possible.

More Shine: If your goal is the wettest-looking, deepest, clearest, most distortion-free finish you can imagine, Ultima Paint Guard Plus can be layered to produce a jaw-dropping, show car shine that will turn heads and make you the envy of every car fanatic in your neighborhood. In most cases, on a well-polished finish, 2-3 coats of Ultima Paint Guard Plus produces stunning results. To keep this shine, re-treat monthly and maintain with Ultima Detail Spray.


How many applications can I get with a bottle of Ultima Paint Guard Plus?
Ultima Paint Guard Plus is a highly concentrated car wax (paint sealant).  A single ounce is enough product to wax (seal and treat) 8 to 10 vehicles, including the glass.  Most new users have a tendency to use too much product, which is not necessary and causes drying time to increase.  A single bottle of Ultima Paint Guard Plus is enough product to coat 50 full-size vehicles.

How long does it take to apply Ultima Paint Guard Plus?
On average it takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete a vehicle.  It's very fast and easy.  Heavy rubbing is never required.

When I apply Ultima Paint Guard Plus it looks like it has streaks.  Is this normal?
Yes, this is normal.  Allow the product to dry completely.  Whatever you do, do not get anxious and wipe the surface with a towel.  Allow Ultima Paint Guard Plus to dry completely so it can form its protective barrier.  It will amaze you!

Does Ultima Paint Guard Plus contain UV protection?
Absolutely!  Ultima Paint Guard Plus contains premium UV inhibitors tested in the hot, intense California and Florida sunshine.

I applied Ultima Paint Guard Plus and it took a long time to dry, much longer than the bottle says.  Does this mean I applied too much?
Yes, you most likely used far too much Ultima Paint Guard Plus.  If you apply the product "wet", it will take much longer to dry. Remember to always use Ultima Paint Guard Plus very sparingly.  A small car can be fully covered in less than 20 sprays with our micro-fine sprayer.  A full-size SUV takes about 40 sprays.  If you apply too much product, simply allow it to dry overnight.

How long does Ultima Paint Guard Plus take to dry or cure?
Ultima Paint Guard Plus can be dry to the touch, but not cured.  Depending on the temperature and humidity, Ultima Paint Guard Plus can dry in as little as 15 minutes, but it can take as long as a few hours.  Curing, which means the polymers have fully cross linked, requires a full 6+ hours.  We recommend allowing your car to sit overnight before wiping.

Can Ultima Paint Guard Plus be layered for more depth and gloss?
Yes, but please allow the previous coat to dry for at least 12 hours.  You can apply as many coats as you like.

Can Ultima Paint Guard Plus be used on trim/plastic surfaces, like on my SUV/truck's plastic cladding?
Yes, Ultima Paint Guard Plus will seal and treat these surfaces, but we created Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus as the ultimate treatment for plastic and rubber.

Can Ultima Paint Guard Plus be applied over another manufacturer's wax product?
You bet! Although we recommend first using Ultima Paint Prep Plus, many people have used Ultima Paint Guard Plus over other (fully cured) wax products with very good results.  In all cases, Ultima Paint Guard Plus will increase gloss and durability.

Can I use Ultima Paint Guard Plus as a quick detail spray?
No, you would waste a lot of money and make a mess!  Ultima Paint Guard Plus is a very high performance polymer paint sealant.  It is 10 to 15 time more concentrated than any cream or paste wax available.  It will easily offer long term gloss and protection for up to 9 months.  It may be as easy to use as a detail spray, but please don't use it like one.

What is the shelf life of Ultima Paint Guard Plus?
We are not aware of any issues reducing shelf life.  Due to the product's reactive nature with oxygen, the sprayer will fail if the cap is not applied after use.

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