Ultima Tire and Trim Guard Plus - 12 oz.

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Space Age Polymer Protection and Elegant Beauty for your Tires, Trim and Premium Wheels!

The first and only multi-surface tire, trim & wheel sealant.

Lasts for months, not days or weeks.

Protects against pollution, ultra violet light (sun), road salts, harmful ozone, creosote and more.

< p>Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus is a new polymer coating that can be applied to most flexible surfaces (vinyl and rubber) and hard surfaces (plastic and metal) to coat, seal, protect and beautify. No ordinary “dressing” lasts as long or protects as well against pollution, ultra violet light (sun), road salts, harmful ozone, creosote and more.

The long lasting Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus formula protects for months, not days or weeks. This space age coating will not wash off. On glossy trim it maintains the shine and prevents corrosion. On black trim it maintains a dark, satin appearance. You’ll see the protection with each wash by the way your tires and trim bead water.

Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus is a hyper-concentrated formula. A single 12 ounce bottle is enough product to properly treat your tires and trim for a full year. A small amount of Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus goes a long way to coat, seal, protect and beautify tires, wheels (painted, chrome, polished), bumper trim, plastic grills, fascia, valances, rocker panels and the engine compartment. Our super durable formula protects for months, but you may apply it as frequently as you like.

12 ounce bottle with flip top cap. Includes foam applicator. Patent Pending.

To learn how Ultima can save you money, read The True Cost of Car Care.

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Product Reviews

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18 Reviews
72% (13)
17% (3)
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11% (2)
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78% Recommend this product (14 of 18 responses)
By Wendell J.
Richmond Ky
The Ulitmate
September 7, 2014
This is a fantastic product for restoring trim and rubber......works great and lives up to its claims, nice gloss look that can be toned down too, spreads evenly and easy to apply with great results, highly recommend. It can be used on interior surfaces also....cockpit and trim.......great looking product and UV protection....apply thin, the bottle with last for a long, long time
Below is a picture, right side treated ( should have let it dry completely before I took the pic, but look further right its dried )
  • Great look, UV protection, easy to apply, a little goes a long long way
  • none
By Mark
Gilroy California
Use little spreads alot
August 11, 2014
This multi purpose all black covering is great for tires and trim. also i put a dab on a cloth inside my Passat and it blackens and protects after i cleaned the dash and or floor board trim. for the $32.00 it can be used for anything black and gos a lond way.
  • little gos a long way
  • $32.00
By Pelon
California (CA)
Black is Beautiful
November 17, 2016
A rich product that goes on trim and anything black in a constant feel and look. Little goes a long way. Along with the superb applicator. Only black product needed
  • Has the richness to it with a consistent blackness and protection. No other product needed inside or out
  • Not cheap. Also is that shiny wet look is utmost importance this is not for you.i feel it's a rich protection look NOT. the shininess that on tires you might? Want
By Steve
April 22, 2016
Used it on my Lamborghini rear grill. Made it look like NEW!!!!
  • Has a strong smell.
By D B.
Scottsdale, AZ
The Best
January 7, 2016
I treated my old (my daughters current) Daily Driver. It's a Ford Escape with lots of plastic black molding. They were quite faded from the Arizona sunshine. Now they look brand new and resist water like a fresh wax. It's been a few weeks so far and still looks perfect.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pricey, but a little goes a long way.
By Rick M.
Belleville, Illinois
Easy to apply, low shine
February 10, 2015
Very easy to apply and not messy. If you are looking for high shine this is not your product
By Allagaroo
Oceanside, N.Y.
December 29, 2014
Put it in tires of New Genesis and it was somewhat splotchy. The tires didn't look significantly blacker or shinier. Based on reviews I expected product to be special particularly for the price. I am a fan of UPG and use it on all my cars. New black Genesis paint looks terrific.
  • Doesn't run. Easy to apply
  • uneven, minimum shine, minimum blackness. Don't know about durability yet. Sorry I purchased it.
By IanK
Chadds Ford, PA
Great product but very runny
September 8, 2014
UTTG+ is a great product once you know how to use it? UTTG+ is very runny, so I'd recommend rubbing it into the supplied applicator first. A little goes a long way, and the finished result looks great on tires.
  • Long lasting
  • Looks good
  • I'm going to have this bottle forever
  • Very runny!
By Aaron
Arlington, TX
Great product!
July 29, 2014
Turns faded plastic trim back to a new looking black. Easy to apply.
  • Durable, trim restoration quality
  • Nothing yet
By mark
new york
great stuff
June 10, 2014
ultima tire and trim guard works great, glad i purchased it.
  • easy to use
  • none
By Mike
Sonoma, California
October 1, 2012
Used for trim only. After removing oxidation manually, this product works the best I have tried, including Black Again, Back to Black, Forever Black, Mothers, ect. Black Again works the best of those types, but, like the others, washes off in the rain. Ultima does not wash off. Plus it removes light oxidation, if rubbed. I have a 2001 Nissan Frontier that used an inferior plastic different from most other manufacturers, (oxidizes quickly, even with the other products applied), something Nissan corrected a few years later, but 01, 02 + owners are stuck with it.
  • Doesn't wash off
  • Doesn't last forever. :)
By WesN
Seattle, WA
Difficult & Messy
July 26, 2012
The jury is still out on how effective (and especially, durable) this product is, but based on my initial impressions regarding the difficulties in applying it on my Honda Element's trim panels, I would have a hard time recommending it. Any over runs onto adjacent painted surfaces, metal trim or glass leave a nasty smear that is *very* difficult to clean up. Indeed, the smears onto the painted surfaces required several applications of cleaner/wax to remove.
  • Lustrous and durable (hopefully!)
  • Very difficult to apply. Mars painted and other finishes severely.
By David
Fort Branch Indiana
Tire & trim care
April 28, 2012
All of Ultima's products are top of the line. This one does everything it says it does.
  • durability
  • Kind of pricey.
By Jeff
Your search is over
April 18, 2012
Need a sealant for your trim? One that last for months and wont run down your paint? This is it! This product will last you 3 months before it needs to be reapplied. Dont let the price scare you, a little goes a long way and it lasts. Save me a ton of time. The only downfall is it doesn't darken the trim very much, if you have severely faded trim you may need to polish it first then apply UTTG+
  • Durability is fantastic
  • Only exterior trim product you need.
  • Doesnt darken the trim very much.
By Troy S.
Dover, Ohio
One of the best Trim Dressings on the market.
April 14, 2012
UTTG is one of the best trim dressings on the market. A little goes a very long way and it last much longer than anything else in the price range in my experience. I doesn't darken as much as some of the other "greasy" products but it last much longer. My go to on trim....
  • - A little goes a very long way
  • - Last longer than anything else I have used.
  • - Doesn't darken as much as other dressings
By Chris
Amorall and Tire Black Goodbye!
April 11, 2012
This product is absolutely the best for quality tire care. Put as many coats as you dare to get the shine you want. I like two, keeps it muted but clean and note shiny. No excess to coat your car's finish. Just clean, black tires for the life of the tire. Last much longer that surface products so you use far less. Gives you that fresh car wash look for weeks. It is not cheap but given you use so much less, it lasts. Second bottle in two years just now. go for it!
By third r.
tire and trim guard plus
June 29, 2011
Absolutely the best! Pretty easy to apply and last at least 6 months for me
By speedracer69
ultima product
May 31, 2011
I was hesitant to spend the money but glad I did as this product works. I have a Volvo XC70 with a lot of plastic body panels and it looks great with this stuff and last all summer here in Connecticut! Gave a bottle to my brother for his Avalanche too!