Ultima Autospa Microfiber Applicator

Ultima Autospa Microfiber ApplicatorDiscontinued

Ultima Paint Guard Plus, containing Polycharger Wax Booster Technology, was among the first of a new generation of paint sealants that require no buff off. The makers of Ultima realized that this new technology applied effortlessly when used with a soft, short nap microfiber applicator. The Ultima Autospa Microfiber Applicator is carefully designed to allow flawless application of Ultima Paint Guard Plus and works with all wipe-on, walk-away paint sealants.

To enjoy all of the benefits of a wipe-on, walk-away paint sealant it must be applied uniformly. The Ultima Autospa Microfiber Applicator lays down an uniform thin coat of sealant which reduces the chance of streaking. This applicator is large and easy-to-hold. It features a short nap microfiber weave wrapped around a sturdy foam core that maintains its integrity, use after use. You can even machine wash the Ultima Autospa Microfiber Applicator and reuse it once it has dried completely.

Use the Ultima Autospa Microfiber Applicator to apply your favorite wipe-on, walk-away paint sealants BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal, Optimum Opti-Seal, Ultima Paint Guard Plus, & Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal- with the ultimate in ease. Give your paint the flawless streak-free shine it deserves, every time, with the Ultima Autospa Microfiber Applicator.

4 by 6 by 2 microfiber applicator.