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Sonus ION Paint Sealant uses brand new ION charge technology, boosted by Polycharger ®, to create a long-lasting barrier of paint protection. Sonus ION Paint Sealant not only offers high levels of defense against sun rays, contamination, road salt and oxidation, it creates a deep, wet-looking, high-gloss shine on all paint colors. This easy-to-apply and wipe-away formula performs equally well on chrome, aluminum trim and wheels.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal creates a deep, shimmering gloss on all colors
Forum member 'Old Pirate' used Sonus Ion Sealant on his car.


Autopia-CarCare has been your “go to" online source for Sonus Detailing products for over a decade. We have never been more excited about a new Sonus product as we are for ION Paint Sealant. This amazing product isn't quite a traditional paint sealant, nor is it a true quartz-based coating. It blends the best protective attributes of a coating, with the ease-of-use you demand from a synthetic sealant. Best of all, Sonus ION Paint Sealant will last up to year for the ultimate in good looks and protection.

The secret behind Sonus ION Paint Sealant's exemplary performance lays in its name. When you apply it to the paint, ION Paint Sealant chemically creates a positive ION charge for maximum surface adhesion. What's more, this amazing formula is boosted by Polycharger ®. The combination of these cutting edge technologies forms a thick layer of protection that is tightly bonded to the paint for up to a year of extreme protection against harmful environmental elements – sun rays, road salt, oxidation and more.

Once cured, Sonus ION Paint Sealant leaves your paint glistening with gloss. The tight bond of the ION-charged Sealant creates the ideal surface for a wet-looking shine. It also forms an extremely slick surface which forces water to pool into tight beads and roll off the surface. As an added benefit, these fast-rolling water beads take any freshly laid dust and dirt with them, allowing your paint to stay cleaner, for longer.

For the best results, Sonus ION Paint Sealant should be applied to perfectly clean and well-prepared paint. If you have light oxidation, road grime and/or fine swirl marks, use Sonus Paint Cleanser first. Use Sonus SFX-1 Restore Polish to remove heavy swirl marks, scratches and severe oxidation. Use Sonus SFX-2 Enhance Swirl Remover to eliminate fine swirl marks, scratches or light oxidation. Finally, follow with Sonus SFX-3 Final Finish Polish for a crystal clear finish that is ready to coat.

Apply Sonus ION Paint Sealant to a cool, clean and dry surface. Apply two small drops with a foam applicator and rub thoroughly into a thin and uniform coat. Add more product as needed. Allow Sonus ION Paint Sealant to cure for at least 30 minutes for proper IONic bonding, then buff off using a soft, plush microfiber towel. For an even deeper shine with more intense protection, apply a second coat of Sonus ION Paint Sealant four hours after the first.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal even protects plastic surfaces!
Once cured, Sonus ION Paint Sealant leaves your paint glistening with gloss.
Wolfgang Deep Gloss Liquid Seal works great to protect plastic lenses
Up to 1 year of protection with intense water beading. Amazing protection against UV rays and contaminants

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